Saturday, 12 May 2012

I'm just wild about Harry.....

Ahhhh ..... I fall in love again every time ..... with the sad news in the press today about innocent young children's lives being snuffed out I really cannot understand how people can be so cruel even in the most dire circumstances :-(

Our new little man is thriving and if he can sleep through the din in our house he can sleep through anything.  Nanny will be babysitting him and his sister next Sunday whilst the rest of the family head for Wembley.

Quelle surprise this morning to awake to blue skies and dryness so there was only one thing to be done ..... head for the hills and the car boots of course!

We weren't particularly early (I had two of the other grands in tow) but we all enjoyed the wander around and the littlies were on their best behaviour.  A few bargains were bagged and Jack was happy when he found yet another fire engine to add to his collection and Ellie found some gardening gloves for when she is in the garden with her grandad.

Nanny found a pretty Beswick toast rack and a pair of carved wooden Scottie Dog bookends

Now I can't wait till tomorrow morning to go off bargain hunting again this time just with Ellie who is becoming a seasoned professional and can spot a bargain quicker than me sometimes.  We had just said this morning that a basketball hoop would be nice to put up in the garden and lo and behold she found one and it was just a pound .... just have to get someone to fix it on the wall now.

I did manage to get to our bigger CS last weekend and ended up blitzing their bric-a-brac shelf ..... I was in vintage heaven

Yesterday afternoon was spent doing a few hours on the desk at Country Matters in Hexton ..... it's lovely to sit in the middle of a wonderful Aladdin's Cave of goodies with a cafetier of fresh coffee and chat to the visitors ..... even better when I am selling them some of my handmades!

I found a couple of bargains there too for myself

This lovely old wooden box is going to be used for display at the vintage fairs ..... haven't quite decided what for yet :-)

This afternoon I have been finishing some cushion covers ...... I saw the cuckoo clock design in Mollie Makes magazine and decided to design my own grandfather clock and mantle clock to compliment it.  Some old Aida and linen was dug out of the stash and teamed with some blue ticking fabric.

This week we have also welcome some more new additions to the family .... as if we didn't have enough mouths to feed my OH has acquired six Chinese Quail .... yet more eggs!


Well best be off to bed now if I am to be up bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow!

Have a good weekend whatever you are doing x


  1. Such a cutie - you'll have fun with him.

    SOme wonderful finds too - loving the toadstool and the Holly Hobbie mats :)

  2. Who wouldn't be wild about Harry? Such a gorgeous looking little man.

    Hope you managed to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

    I love that toadstool too.

    Dancing on a Blade of Grass

  3. Harry is gorgeous, just perfect and so laid back and relaxed by the sound of him. Hope you have had some more luck at the boot sales, you have been doing well. Love your book ends and toast rack. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Ann x

  4. Who couldn't love Harry - what a cutie! You are such a positive soul, breathing life into other people's cast offs - your bric-a-brac looks like treasure to me. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine again.

  5. Isn't Harry just gorgeous, lovely photos of an obviously much loved little boy..
    What a lot of great finds, well spotted, love the toadstool.
    We had a bit of sunshine today and it does feel a bit warmer.
    Carol xx

  6. Happily busy sounds good !