Sunday, 27 May 2012

Phew it was even too hot for these folks .....

Passed this little gathering while driving around this morning ..... poor things in their wooly coats were huddled under the tree and bleating rather loudly.

Well what a contrast ..... we wanted some hot weather and boy have we had it this weekend!

On sunny days like these there is only one thing a gal and her trusty partner can do ..... head for the hills and the car boot sales of course!

Just look at that blue sky ..... the fields around our way are brilliant yellow with oil seed rape in full bloom (very sneeze inducing too) and against the lush greenery and clear blue sky the English countryside was at its best.

We picked up a few bargains yesterday morning but were disappointed when we discovered the road to our second CB venue was closed for re-surfacing .... quelle horreur ..... it is in a semi rural location with several businesses along the road so they must have been extremely pleased with the local authority deciding to shut off the road for the whole of a busy Saturday .... in times of economic meltdown what are they thinking of????

This morning my little apprentice couldn't come so off I went with my trusty trolley all on my own ....... OH is still unable to walk far and he got a slap on the legs today when I discovered he'd tried to walk the dogs at 5 a.m. this morning .... thankfully he didn't get far and try as I do I just cannot get him to accept that if he fell who would find him (the dinosaur refuses to carry a mobile phone) ..... men !!!

There were lots of sellers today brought out by the sunshine no doubt and I was soon filling up the car

A little hall table just calling for a makeover, a Ringtons teapot, Sylvac Lily Vase


A Coronation glass plate, Tuscan Bone China Coffee set, pair of Victorian spill vases, a tiny Cutex Nail Whitener (on the plate next to a £1 coin to give an idea of the size)

A pair of kitsch Strev prints and a similar one by R. Julio

A bouncy chair for baby Harry when he visits, a vintage lampshade, 5 fabric sample books, unopened pair of Horrockses curtains, a brand new Next top pour moi!

Wanna know how much I spent ?????


Now that's what I call a bargain !

On the way home I made a little detour to visit Hexton and on the way passed this chocolate box cottage and couldn't resist taking a picture ..... as much as I would love to live in such a beautiful house but with a husband of 6' 2" it just wouldn't be practical ..... the doors only look about 5' high!!

Hope the sun has been shining where you are x


  1. Lovely bargains, have you considered buying a trailer? !! xx

  2. My favourite is the coronation glass plate. Ha! re the dinosaur who won't carry a mobile phone, my own particular breed of dinosaur WILL carry one, but won't ever have it switched on...............

  3. Went carbooting myself yesterday - it certainly was a perfect day for it!!!

  4. Ah enjoyed the trip with you Lala!

    Don't you just hate it when you phone a dinosaur and the chest of drawers in the bedroom rings?

    Love seeing all the photos of the scenery around you - whenever I mention where I was born, noses tend to get screwed up! Bah!

    Dancing on a Blade of Grass

  5. Fab bargains!

    I didn't make it to any CBs this weekend. Looks like I could have bumped into you if I had. Maybe another day. I will keep an eye out for the pink trolley. I'll be the one jumping out at you shouting "BOO!"

    Madison xxx

  6. You did well at the boot sale
    What a beautiful cottage ,looks a lovely area.
    The sun is still shining here, lifts the spirits.
    Carol xx