Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Weekend

Well the weather was typical Bank Holiday naffness in Bedfordshire this weekend ... we had grey skies, fog and rain which has meant that I couldn't do my usual rounds of car boots :-(
Not to be deterred we went to Stockwood Park yesterday where they were holding their first country fair. The park is one of the few jewels in Luton's crown and was originally a large country house which was left to go to rack and ruin by the local council in the 1950s ... it was eventually demolished and all that is left now is part of the walled gardens, the coaching section and stable blocks. Over the past few years a lot of money has been spent on providing a Visitor's Centre which is such a bonus and the gardens are a treat. The fair was a little disappointing - no sewers or knitters to my dismay (shame because they had a wonderful quilt exhibition last year). Ellie enjoyed herself and shows off her Easter Bunny face painting and the flower hat made in the activity centre. She likes to pose and here she is in the walled garden

The horses were out at the stables and there was also a lovely shire horse walking round

The weather did eventually brighten up today so we have been continuing with our planting in the garden. My childminding children return tomorrow, I will have six here for my sins so I have been baking biscuits and flapjack and making some fresh lemon curd because they are all like bottomless pits asking like Oliver 'can I have some more'.
I do hope that the weather keeps bright but the forecast is not good .... will be stir crazy by the end of the week if we have to stay indoors.


  1. Sounds like fun. Nothing was happening here at the weekend a bit boring really!!
    Thankyou for your comments on my post.
    Louise xx

  2. Thanks for joining in my PIF Debbie, I will make you something and then get your address.
    Take care.
    Louise xx

  3. Well dispite the weather it looks like you had a great time ,love the painted face.Ihope the weather is better for the rest of the week for you ,i will be out tending to my veg patch have a good week best wishes Pat