Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday & Happy Easter Everyone

I have been feeling a bit iffy this week .... always the way when I have no children to look after and some time to myself .... so a battery recharge was called for although I have taken advantage of sitting round on my bum and completed some more bits to take to the Delapre Abbey Craft Fair in Northampton in 2 weeks time.
We popped out to do some shopping earlier so I don't have to visit a shop till next week hopefully .... there is a shop that sells everything for 90p and just look at these seeds ... 15 small packets or 4 large packets for just 90p .... that was a bargain I just couldn't resist and Wilko had some onion sets for £1.25 a bag. We are trying to grow more for ourselves this year as money is tight due to short time working and hope to have a plentiful supply of our own salads, veg and herbs . I really miss my dad's allotment ... prior to his stroke he grew everything for years and I don't think we ever had to visit a greengrocers ... there is something about the smell and taste of home grown that the supermarkets can never capture, even with their organic ranges. Strawberry plants were on offer in B & Q this week too so got some of those to plant in a tub on the patio.
Yesterday the postman brought my lovely giveaway prize from Pat at The Sewing Room - this was my first win and I am absolutely delighted. Pat is a very clever and generous lady - the apron and hat are so cute and beautifully made and she had popped in my fave choc too.
Hope to raise the energy to have a de-clutter at the weekend and do my first car boot of the year to turn my trash into cash. Be back soon .....


  1. Hope that you stop feeling iffy soon..have a fun Easter weekend! ;-)

  2. I love those shops that sell stuff for 90p...... aren't they just wonderful??? x Am sitting trawling through blogs and loving it. x