Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Two posts in one day !!!!

Day two of the small people ... they ate all my Monday baking as predicted so we had to make some more fairy cakes and flapjack todayThen we had a little craft session ... I bought some brooch pin backs so we made some felt brooches for them to surprise their mummiesAfter lunch the sun shone beautifully so we went to the park with Molly the chocolate labradog ... I have never seen so many people there ... we are lucky to have received some funding for new play equipment and there is a whole circuit of adventure play equipment and a basketball/football area. Sorry I can't show any pics of them enjoying themselves but I am bound by child protection regulations.
Thought I would take the opportunity of throwing in some pics of my garden ... we have spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks tidying up and re-planting .. below are the blackcurrant, redcurrant and goosegog bushes which we took from my dad's allotment years ago. He had to pack up following a stroke but they are still going strong (so is he) My bamboo and cordyline are thriving at the moment ... must look up about taking cuttings from the bamboo .. if anybody has any tips I would be grateful to hear from you

This space looks a little bare at the moment but we have planted Dahlia corms which a friend of ours was about to throw away .. hopefully later in the year I will be able to show a vibrant display of flowers

My patio pots are doing nicely also .. the Pieris is in full colour now .. the Japonica .. some lavender and rosemary cuttings have taken nicely ... some other unknown plants are starting to sprout I(bought them last year at the school fete and the names washed off the labels). To the right of the pic is my old wheelbarrow which is also planted up and makes a nice feature of a useless old item

This beauty looks lovely at this time of year ... it has clusters of bright yellow bell type flowers which later turn into seed pods .... I have two new plants from seeds that I germinated from last year ... wish I knew what it's name was ... the tag has long gone

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  1. Well it looks like your charges love your cup cakes and the park sounds realy nice.Ican't wait to see your garden in full bloom,been doing mine lately but unfortunatly it is only a bit at a time because of my hands but i have managed to get some veg seed in,enjoy whats left of the week.
    Best wishes Pat