Saturday, 25 April 2009

Paying it forward - the Gift

A BIG BIG thank you to Louise over at Snuggle Shack for my paying it forward gift. A lot of hard work and love has gone into making this lovely felt heart hanger which has a lovely sparkly button (doesn't show too well in my photo), a sweet little crochet flower brooch and a Russian Doll key fob - such tiny little stitches and so neat. Thank you so much. I picked Ellie up from school yesterday and you know what 4 year olds are like, they don't miss anything. What are these nanny she said when she spied them on the table .. I like this and this and this ... I did manage to keep the key fob for myself but the heart is now on her wardrobe door and the brooch on one of her many bags. I thought as a knitter, sewer and crocheter (?) that we were a dying breed and it is so refreshing to learn that there are so many of you young ones keeping the skills going. I wish my girls would take an interest but they don't sadly .. maybe one day



  1. I'm with you in as much as I thought sewing and crochet etc would die out and have been pleasantly surprised when I trawl through blogs that younger people are embracing these crafts. Love all your bargains on previous posts, lucky you. That shopping trolley is glorious! x

  2. Debbie, Im so glad you like it, I thought you hadn't got it yet because I missed this post.
    I love all the crafts my new one being Crochet. My mum thinks Im funny when I stand around with some kind of needle in my handbag finishing off a project.
    Thats the first russian doll I have mede so Im glad you are enjoying it.
    Louise xxx