Sunday, 19 April 2009

Such a Perfect Day

What a perfect day for car booting ... today however we were turning our trash into cash ... daughters 1 & 2 and I set off this morning for Stondon in Bedfordshire where my favourite boot in this area is held and this was the first one of the season. I love this one because it is very well organised and doesn't start till 10 am so we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn! They only charge £4 per pitch and it is solely proper car booters ... no traders are allowed. We took around £300 and I was very good and only spent £4 on this little distressed cabinet containing soap, candles, flannels and pot pourri, some knitting bits and couldn't resist the doggy book coz it has Cath Kidston Paisley on the cover.

Because I was such a good girl and didn't bring another load of crap home with me I treated myself to this nifty trolley ... it will come in handy next week .....


  1. Crikey, you did well!!
    It cost £7 at Newton Abbot ...although I was just there to browse today ;-)

  2. Nice buys :) That sainsburys frame was in there very recently too, and I think it was £6 odd, so you did good!

  3. ooo i love the shopping trolley !!!
    sounds like a good car boot - i hate having to get up early!
    Lesley x

  4. The Shopping Trolley is lovely.
    I have nearly finished your gift from me so can you email me your address.
    Louise xx

  5. I also love the Shopping Trolley! SueX