Tuesday, 28 July 2009

School Holiday Diary Day 4 and a new arrival

Boy what a day .....I had a very early start with a text message at 4.45am from my daughter as her labour had started ..... shortly afterwards I was up and went to collect my grand-daughter whilst mum and dad got on with the impending delivery. At 6.00am we commenced on a mammoth junk modelling session, as you do on occasions such as this and I don't know how but both Ellie and me are still awake! We are on an adrenalin rush I think. Daughter was in good hands as her sister is a midwife so she stayed with them till it was time to go to the hospital and was with them when baby Jack was delivered at 4.47 pm weighing 7lb 6oz. I couldn't get to the hospital this afternoon as this is my busiest childminding day of the week with a full house of 6 children today. When the last one was collected at 6.00pm we got cleaned up and left for visiting at the hospital. Mum and baby look fantastic and the clever girl did it all herself without drugs, they will be staying in overnight and will come home tomorrow. The little guzzler is feeding well already and has met his big sister. Well I just don't have the energy to do any more now so will say night night!


  1. Aaaaaaah well done to your daughter!!! He's a lovely little man, handsome as anything!!!!
    You must be so proud!!!

    Lots of love, and congratulations to you all!!!

    Sharon xxxxx

  2. What a beautiful baby...many congratulations to you all ;-)

  3. Just come over from Sal's. Saw your comment and whipped over to say CONGRATULATIONS! He's a little poppet. x

  4. Lovely baby, congratulations to you all.

  5. awwww cute, congratulations to you all :-)

    Rose XXX

  6. Oh congratulations!! How lovely!

    I am STILL waiting for my bundle of joy to arrive, was due Monday, but STILL NOTHING!! :o)

    So, at due date plus five days, I am not a happy bunny!

    I'm new to your blog, and am enjoying it so far xx