Friday, 24 July 2009

School Summer Holiday Diary Day 1

Well I managed to get through the first day of the hols in one piece. We had a lazy start to the day watching a Harry Potter DVD ..... all the children are shattered and we just needed to all chill out with tea and toast and TV. I also had to wait in all morning for the cooker repair man. It is quite a simple job, the element has gone in the fan oven but as per usual the largest electrical chain in the country don't keep them in stock and have to order one and they won't be back for a fortnight! If it wasn't for the fact that it is covered on an insurance policy I could buy one off Ebay for a tenner and fix it myself. Now I have to think of meals that I can either nuke or do on the hob.After lunch we decided to go to Stopsley Common ...... it is only five minutes drive away (we could walk but I have a 3 year old who is like a snail!) and as we set off the sky looked like this.
The Common is at the back of a sports centre so there are flat playing fields with a copse in the middle and then on the outskirts it drops away to open countryside and overlooks the town to one side. It is great for kite flying and taking the dog and we found that someone had made a swing on a tree in the copse so we stopped for a while. When I just have the older children and no buggies to manouvre and we can walk further there are some lovely footpaths to walk through the fields.One childminder, one pregnant daughter (due any day now) and some of the six children we had yesterday

In the copse the oak trees were already showing signs of growing their acorn fruit.
We had taken some balls and a frisby and managed to have a run around and then a drink & biscuit when to our left we noticed a huge black cloud was heading our way. Time to pack up and head back towards the car which was a good 15 minute walk away and we just made it in time before the heavens opened. At least we had managed to get a little exercise and fresh air and came home for hot chocolate and doughnuts which one of the children's mums had kindly brought for us in the morning.
It always seems to be a non-stop food fest when childminding ...... no sooner do we get one meal or snack out of the way and the little darlings are asking what we are having next! The older ones that I have are now 9 years old and are great little helpers ..... I am starting to let them help with the preparation and it is a great way of getting them to develop their team building and organisational skills.
It was 5.30 when the last child went home (the first ones had arrived at 8.00 am) so I relaxed for a while with a cuppa before having a clear up. I was just settling down with my knitting ..... I am attempting some socks at the mo using 4 double ended needles ..... when my other daughter came home and had brought my grand-daughter with her for a sleepover. No peace for the wicked is there?????? We had a snuggle and both fell asleep.


  1. Sounds like a great first day of the hols! Hope you have many more lovely days too ;-)

  2. Lungs full of fresh air..... tire 'em out! (Good ploy). x