Thursday, 9 July 2009

Spoilt rotten !!

I feel like the Queen this week coz it feels like I have had two birthdays this year ... two lovely swap parcels yesterday and today another!!!!

This one is from the lovely Mary Poppins and boy oh boy have I been spoilt. Our theme for June was spots and stripes and just look at these all carefully wrapped in spottiness.

One of Mary's handmade tote bags in pink stripes with a lovely ribbon ...... a spotty apron which will come in extremely useful as I am usually such a slut and am often to be found with floury handprints on my ample thighs where I wipe them when baking ...... a beautifully embroidered heart hanger with my initial ......

Another hand made lovely blue spotty drawstring bag with more goodies inside .... a spotty notebook and pen and an enormous bag of vintage buttons ....... a crafty girl can never have too many buttons and sad thing that I am I will be taking time tomorrow to sort them into my colour coded button jam jars!

And there was more !!!!!!!!!!!!

Some stripey napkins, a striped Sarah Smith cloth (these are so lovely I don't think I could ever bring myself to clean with one), a Designer's Guild composition book with lovely striped cover and a gorgeous Winnie the Pooh door plaque personalised with my name. One day, hopefully soon, I will have a room in this house all to myself and this will have pride of place on the door.

Cor blimey Mary Poppins ....... the biggest THANK YOU ever ...... xx


  1. You are very, very welcome :)


  2. lovely swap items, i would love to receive those!
    Hope you enjoy them :-)

    Rose XXX

  3. oh everything is beautiful Lala you lucky lucky lady ..... well done May xxx

  4. Well done! You really have some nice treats there!

    Made me laugh about how you rug floury hands down your thighs - I do the same! Now I wear a pinny :-)

  5. Yeah! posted a comment. Have had problems posting before so don't think I'm not reading :-)

  6. What lovely treasures you got! I can't wait to join in the next swap (my first one) :) xx