Sunday, 11 October 2009

Making aprons and puppy socialising

The day started somewhat grey and dreary but we decided to trot along to the car boot in the next town which is held partially under cover in the market area.  We usually take Molly the labrador with us and today thought it would be a good socialisation exercise for Ruby puppy.  For a little scrap who has only ventured into the outside world three times she behaved impeccably .... just trotted beside me and sat whenever I stopped to browse a stall.  It is amazing how many total strangers will stop to chat when you have a puppy.  Sadly no bargains to be had today and even M & S had been ransacked in their £10 meal deal section. 

When we came home I prepared this evening's dinner and then knuckled down to some sewing ..... the yellow Laura Ashley Sweet Pea apron backed with blue gingham (it is totally reversible) is a commission that was requested earlier on in the week and once I got going I thought that some of the embroidered table cloths picked up at car boot sales earlier on in the year would be perfect for re-cycling or up-cycling which seems to be the fashionable wording at the moment.  Here are the results ..... I have backed the vintage fabric with a pale peach polycotton to compliment the shades of peach and orange thread.


I don't think I can handle another evening of the X-Factor so am settled down with a glass of wine, Emma on the TV, puppy on my feet and the PC to my side to catch up on some blogs.  Perfect Sunday evening!


  1. What a good puppy to behave to well!
    The aprons are fab.


  2. I really do love the top apron or pinny as I seem to call them 'hehe'!
    What a delightful puppy to behave so well!
    Have a good week ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  3. That top apron is soooooo pretty. Glad the puppy is behaving itself!