Saturday, 31 October 2009

This isn't just any old crap ..... it's mine !!!

I love auctions.  They are great places for rummaging around to seek out a bargain or two and for those of us who prefer to thrift rather than waste our money on the high street they make a perfect day out.  Today I went to Tring Market Auction for the first time in ages and I must say I got a little carried away!  The secret of buying at auction is to look carefully at the lots you are interested in and set yourself a limit because it is so easy to keep putting your hand up and also remember that fees and VAT have to be added to the hammer price.  I had a good rummage before the start of the sale and carefully marked down the lots that I was interested in and then took my place. 

My first purchase was this lovely black and white print by Arthur J Elsley called As Good As Ever ... he painted the original in 1912 as an advertisement for Bovril (the original oil painting sold in the USA for $419,200 in 1996).

The next lot on my list was four boxes of mixed china, glass and miscellaneous items ....

Then came a box of mixed silver plate and glass

then a box of mixed including a Royal Crown Derby Imari Serving Fork

and then this non-descript old suitcase which was tucked under a table

just look what was inside and nobody else wanted them so I had to bring them home  ...

and finally I couldn't resist this doll's cot and vintage baby high chair

I'll be back with another post tomorrow when I have had a good sort through and have finished cleaning everything.


  1. My faves are the print and that vintage high chair - it is just like mine from the fifties - it folded down to a low chair and table.

  2. Ooh I love auctions too especially the mixed china lots! Great fun when you get home isn't it?

  3. A girl after my own heart - what do you have planned for all your lovely goodies?

  4. What a lovely lot of goodies! Can't wait for the next installment with them all spruced up ;-)

  5. What a lovely selection of toys and I love the dolls cot. I'm on the lookout for one of those at the moment. May have to find an auction!

  6. Mixed lots are my favourite - you can find all sorts of treasures in them.
    An auction trick is to always open any cases or boxes as you never know what might be inside!


  7. Wow, what fabulous things you got - lovely. I've never been to an auction, and would really like to - I must get round to it soon x

  8. I had a high chair just like that too. Does that make me vintage?