Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Auction Part 2 ...

Well I have emptied all the boxes and have been washing and drying all the goodies and there were some nice surprises.  I have sorted everything out and will be taking some to the charity shop, some is priced up ready for a car boot sale, some will be listed for sale on the internet and there are of course some that I am keeping.  I was really surprised that very little was damaged and those that are not fit for use are being Freecycled for anyone who is fundraising and needs broken bits for a china smashing stall.  So nothing is wasted and what another excellent way of recycling and re-using.

Here are two lovely Victorian chamber pots ... the large white dish underneath is from Habitat and that is now in my cupboard

Some mixed glassware ..... champagne glasses, Babycham Glasses, a 60s smoky glass large brandy balloon vase with a twisted stem, a crystal vase, 7 piece dessert set, Luminarc tumblers, wine glasses, a pair of shot glasses with hunting scenes.

Box Brownie cameras .... the brown one dates to 1930-36 and the other to 1946-53 ... they are both in exellent condition

Vintage glass fruit bowls and a pedestal cake stand

A Royal Crown Derby Imari serving fork and a Hammersley Cake Slice

A little carriage clock .... not old but with a new battery it is ticking away nicely

A pair of late 19th century Continental vases with lavender in relief and violets ... there is some damage on one but they are still lovely

A 1908 Cauldon Blue Onion pattern platter which is now in my blue and white collection

Wedgwood Blue Jasper pin dishes ..... two classic scenes, one star sign Capricorn, one commemorative for the wedding of Charles and Diana

Late Victorian Old Foley Tea Plates

A pair of continental pierced border plates (on wires aghhhhh) and an oriental plate

Royal Doulton Collector's Plate ... Christmas 1977

A 19th century blue willow plate, Minton plate but it is sadly very faded and top right is a lovely old Ironstone plate dating to the 1860s

Booths Pompadour soup dishes and plate

A very unusual Spode Copeland Teapot which has me puzzled .... I have never seen decoration like this on a Spode item before and wonder whether it was originally plain and someone has handpainted it later

Some silver plate ... cruet, preserve pots, lovely cake stand with a ballerina holding the dish, bread basket, bon bon dishes, coasters and a platter and a stainless steel egg cup set

Butlins Holiday Camp Souvenir Tin (there are two of these) from the late 1950s/early 60s

Boxed set of two egg cups with matching Irish Linen egg cosies

Gilt trim tea plates and cake/bread & butter plate

Pretty late Victorian tea plates and cake/bread & butter plate

Noritake gilt trim coffee can & saucer

A little keepsake box containing three silver leaf cake decorations, a buttonhole flower, a little cake decoration silver slipper and a pair of white metal buckles

A complete 22 piece Gainsborough Bone China Tea Service

Phew ...... and I haven't started on the toys yet!!!

If anything takes your eye please e-mail me x


  1. wow what a haul - not my thing on the whole, but I love that blue onion plate and can appreciate your passion
    (ps I do have a small collection of Shorter and Carlton ware)

  2. I echo Jilll, Debbie, "What a haul, indeed!". Lucky you to have auction rooms so near.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a lovely lot of goodies - you really did score didn't you?!

    And yes I am exhausted, my back is killing me, not sure whether it is because I have been hunched over the sewing machine!

    Going back to have another look at your lovely goodies.

  4. My goodness what a lot of goodies. Must admit to the keepsake box tugging on the heart strings a little ... so sad that someone's life ends up in house clearance and at an auction. But, such is life.

  5. What a fantastic selection of things!!!
    I do often who they once belonged to and where they came from.
    Enjoy your new found treasures.
    Isabelle x

  6. What an amazing stash.... I too wonder where they come from and what stories they could tell.

    Well done!