Thursday, 19 November 2009


I picked up the old crochet hook this week and I'm hooked again !!   Pardon the pun.  Following a plea for help on SCC for a little crochet beanie hat I took up the challenge and with the help of the Happy Hooker produced these ..... modelled by my grandson getting in touch with his feminine side .... his dad will kill me!


  1. They are great - you are amazing lala xx when do you sleep!!!!!

  2. They are very cute indeed! I love crochet but wish I had more time to do it. I have a lot of catching up to do so many projects which I have started and need to complete.

    Isabelle x

  3. What a cutie - just hide those photos from him when he is a bit older!!
    The hats are pretty good too. I seem to remember doing a lot of crochet in the sixties and seventies - my friend even had a crocheted wedding dress.(Sorry no photographic evidence)

  4. I think he looks adorable :) Well done Lala, and if I can put my three year old boy in pink shoes then you can certainly put your sweet grandson in a pretty girly handmade hat ;)



  5. Sweet!
    I'm just learning to crochet from that same book and finding it rather a trial! I would love to be able to make such lovely things.