Saturday, 7 November 2009

What was in the suitcase????

Please may I take this opportunity of thanking all of you who take time to read my little old  blog and leave very kind comments.  It is lovely to know that there are like minded people out there in the ether that don't mind listening to my ramblings!

You will remember that last week I went to the auction for the first time in ages.  This particular auction house has several rooms with differing quality goods and in the middle room it is the general sale with mostly house clearance items.  I find it so sad that someone's life's possessions end up in dusty boxes unwanted and unloved by their descendents and of course there are the poor souls who have no-one to claim them.  Underneath the tables are boxes full of ornaments, kitchenalia, glassware, china and the ones I like the most are closed boxes, I just have to open them to see what is inside and it is amazing how many auction visitors do not bother.  This large old suitcase was just begging to be opened and I was thrilled to see a collection of old dolls and dolls clothes and even more thrilled when nobody else placed a bid.

The case itself is very interesting .... a vintage Revelation and a few old luggage labels are just about visible .... I am going to use this to store some of my stash but at the moment it is a bit musty ..... some nice fragranced drawer liners are needed I think.

Anyhow, look what was inside .... a collection of dolls mostly dating to the 1960s I should think .... all of their clothes are handmade and we all love handmade don't we.

A lovely handmade golly .... not terribly PC I know but they are loveable and part of our heritage whatever colour our skin is .... he has a handmade shirt, jacket and trousers with little felt shoes which match the pocket on the jacket.

This little lady has a polkadot dress, lacey undies and a blue coat with matching bonnet ... apologies for the unladylike pose but she wouldn't sit up any other way!

This cute trio are all wearing hand knit clothes

This little lady has to be the oldest of the lot ... her clothes are all handmade even down to her pettitcoat and bloomers

I can't make my mind up whether this is an old Sindy or just a lookalike .... she has a light plastic body and again her collection of clothes are all hand made .... here are some more

Two pairs of fabric flairs, a green knitted jumpsuit, Fairisle sweater and matching  hat, another pair of black knitted trousers, jazzy blouse and a very Sergeant Pepper style jacket.

These two girlies in Welsh national costume ... again hand knitted and the larger one is actually a tea cosy

and finally a hand knitted coat and hat


  1. It makes you wonder who made it all!! Glad you were the only bidder!

  2. Debbie, I would just love to go to auctions like that!!!! I particularly like the knitted coat and hat. If only the toys could talk and tell us their history..............x

  3. Nice find. I even like the case. I'm collecting old Sindy's at the moment and if you visit Petra dolls I'm sure you'll be able to identify your doll.
    Some 60's girls are Very Expensive!

  4. Someone has spent a lot of time and love creating these outfits - my grandma used to knit and my mum sew clothes for my dolls until I learned to make them myself. In my early teens I was still making outfits for my 'teenage dolls' I can't see many girls doing that these days!!

  5. The doll to the right of the trio looks very much like the original Tiny Tears, I had one just like this back in the 1970's. She had a handknit wardrobe.