Saturday, 28 November 2009

Weddings and Butterflies

Better late than never  .... I have finally finished the wedding gift box for my daughter's friend .... her favourite colours are lilac and purple and the theme of butterflies was everywhere at the wedding including the cake.  We racked our brains to think of a suitable gift .... the happy couple had already set up home so really didn't need any more pots, pans etc etc .... so we thought we would give something more personal for them so out came the sewing machine and crochet hook.

With some lovely butterfly fabric from Globaltex I made a lingerie bag, laundry bag, bunting & cushion cover

I appliqued panels of the same fabric to some soft white hand towels and face cloths and made two hanging initial letters in lilac Suffolk Rose & Paisley fabrics

Crocheted some butterflies and a replica of the wedding bouquet

We found a lovely big storage box in the same colours which was covered in hydrangeas and butterflies.

Do you get that butterfly feeling in your stomach when you give something handmade as a gift and have doubts about your creations and wonder whether the recipient will think they are lovely.  Well I do.  However the recipient in this case loved them thankfully and has even asked me to get some more of the same fabric to make some more things for the home!  I am chuffed to bits.


  1. How lovely to give such a personal gift made with love!


  2. What beautiful and thoughtful gifts. So much better than the usual run of the mill wedding gifts and something I'm sure they will treasure.

  3. Hi there, What a lovely purple & lilac parcel, I bet she was thrilled with it!! Love the lilac bunting!
    Is that lilac Suffolk Rose a CK fabric? I have about 2 metres of it, and haven't used any yet. Mine I think is a linen mix.
    I know what you mean about hoping people will like hand made pressies. I think they're much better, as they are individual, and have lots of love in them. To me, if the recipient isn't impressed, it's their problem!
    Have a great weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  4. What a lovely gift, but I know what you mean about getting butterflies when you give something home made. I must admit I don't really give home made except to my mum as I know she appreciates the time and effort thats gone into it's creation.

  5. it looks great! love the lilac colours.
    yes I know what you mean about making something, I made my Mum two tote shopping bags last year for christmas,bought some new fabric specially, as I usually recycle fabric and all she said was "they are too long, they'll drag on the ground!" I was lost for words and upset.
    Josie x

  6. I'm not surprised your gift was so well received - what a box of delights!

  7. And so you SHOULD be chuffed........ what a lovely, thoughtful gift to receive. I really liked the idea of the crocheted bouquet.