Sunday, 22 November 2009

How to amuse yourself on a wet Sunday in November .....

A little voice woke me this morning just before 8.00 am with the words "wake up Nanny it's a sunny day" .... we had the grands staying over last night and Charlie ended up snuggled in with me ..... I just love his chubby arms wrapped around my neck just like his dad used to before he grew into a man mountain.  It was sunny at that point but an hour later the grey clouds rolled in and down came the rain ...... nothing like what is happening in other parts of the country at the moment and my hearts go out to the people in Cumbria who have lost everything.

A stay at home day it was to be then, split between the kitchen preparing a roast dinner for the tribal gathering this afternoon with a little crochet in between.

I love watching the River Cottage TV series and often try out HFW recipes .... his Yorkshire Pudding recipe is the best and today I tried his Pear & Almond Cake from the current series ... the results here have now been demolished!

We are fortunate to have our own chickens and I strongly recommend that fresh free range eggs should be used ..... you can really taste the difference

The crochet Beanie and Trapper style hats are coming off the production line like nobody's business!!!  I have listed some for sale in the Aunty Wainwright's Blogshop

Now it's that time of day when everyone has gone home and I can settle down in the chair with a glass of wine, my yarn and crochet hook.  Have a lovely evening whatever you are doing.


  1. Awwww, yummy food! Thanks for listing the recipes. Enjoy your evening ... :0)

  2. Mmmmm mmmm! Mustn't blog with my mouth fulmmm

  3. At the end of your post,I think you describe the most perfect evening!
    I'll take a look at your blogshop now!

  4. How lovely. I am really enjoying the new HFW series - I would love his lifestyle.

  5. Mmm...I could just do with a slice of that cake!


  6. Ooh , I saw that cake on River Cottage. Must give that a go!

  7. Dribbling just looking at that cake........ (Dribbling down my chin that is! :O) )

  8. I agree with you about the eggs - nothing you can buy is like home free range eggs - they make such a difference to baking.

    Pomona x