Saturday, 10 October 2009

On a more positive note .....

I've been sorting through my hand made stash and have listed some new items here and thought I would share my thrifty finds from the past couple of weeks with you

Double bedspread  £2

Pair of old frames .... £2  .... was going to change pictures but the more I look at them the more I like them

To be prominently displayed !!!

Replica Bush radio ..... £4  .... lady said she got it in Habitat

A stack of craft papers ..... £1

A metal 3 tier stand which I am going to paint and add some plates to and use as display for smaller handmades when I do craft fairs .... 50p

Our new puppy Ruby finished her vaccination course and was allowed out into the big wide world this week .... she was so good.

We almost had a new addition to the menagerie this week too ...  we found this hen pheasant strutting up and down with our chooks (she's on the LHS under the blue frame)  ..... goodness knows where she came from as we are not next to open countryside.

and this wee chap always makes me smile

Don't forget my 100th post giveaway .... just leave a comment on the previous post for a chance to win .... take care all x


  1. What cute babies and a lovely puppy, too. A cocker spaniel? I have a springer and 4 hens who get on quite well although sometimes she can't resist a little chase! The can stand up for themselves though.

  2. Love your thrifty finds: especially the cakestand and radio. Fascinating about the pheasant. When we had ducks we would occasionally have visits in the duck enclosure from wild ducks. We are right next to open fields and have only ever once had a pheasant visit us. Lucky you!

  3. I can't beleive you got that wonderful bedspread for £2 You have bagged yourself some bargains there :-)

    Hope you have had a great weekend :-)

    Rose XXX

  4. Love the finds, but love that babe.