Friday, 11 December 2009

Almost ready ....

..... well I like to kid myself that I am!

The tree is up

Are you an angel or star family??

A collection of sparklies gathered over many years .... last year I started to collect the old glass droplets from vintage chandeliers ..... they make wonderful deccies and refract the tree lights beautifully.

Candy canes and some home made hearts

The fireplace is adorned with home made bunting and orange pomanders and my cheesy singing Santa that the children love.  It is not a working fire but with some candles and twinkly lights I get the same effect .... I found the cast iron grate years ago outside a junk shop  ... it was covered in white paint but with a lot of elbow grease, paint stripper and wire wool it came up a treat.

Mr & Mrs Snowman are back again .... I made these for my boys which makes them 25 years old now ... they stand in front of my crochet chains

I'm resorting to Christmas cards with bluetak on the door this year with my hand made NOEL hanger

and just to give that authentic snowy winter feel some spray on snowflakes

it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas !!


  1. ..... everywhere we go, lalalalalala ;)
    My tree and decs will go up tomorrow night whilst supping on me baileys, can't wait.
    Have a great weekend
    Beki xxx

  2. What a gorgeous post, thanks for sharing all your lovely delights, I especially like the croched chains :)



  3. It's lovely!! That grate was a real find. In my last house we wanted an original fireplace, and surround, but they were really pricy! Can you imagine how pleased we were when someone in the village were ripping their old fireplaces out,and sold us 3 for £40.00!!! Two were bedroom fireplaces, which we sold, and one was a living room grate with Edwardian tiles in it, and old pine surround!!!We were so lucky!!
    Have a great weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  4. Lovely and christmassy ... :0)

  5. Not too organised in this house (yet!), but this weekend should sort it!

  6. We're an Angel household :) Am really looking forward to putting our tree up tomorrow.

    I love your crochet chains - very festive :)

  7. Looks great. We are a star family but you have a lovely angel!