Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Obsessed with snow

Like a lot of other bloggers I just cannot resist getting the camera out during this cold spell we are having .... these were taken very early this morning and this afternoon when we went to the local park with the children and dogs .... I couldn't believe we were the only ones there and there was loads of lovely snow just right for snowmen and snowballing.

The telephone wires look like spider's webs

My snow puppy who looked liked a black and white poodle by the time we came home .... she had huge balls of snow stuck to the feathering on her legs

Will it last till Friday though????


  1. Just fabulous photos, looks like you all had a really fun time.

  2. Wow that is a lot of snow and beautiful pictures.

    Have a lovely evening and 'Happy Christmas'

    Nina x

  3. I don't remember such a magic morning in Luton for many years - a lovely record of the fun. Happy Christmas to you, fingers crossed for a white Friday.

  4. Hope you have a lovely Christmas!
    What's all this white stuff..we have not got any in sunny Devon!

  5. Wonderful snow photos ... have a lovely Christmas! xx