Monday, 7 December 2009

Groggy Monday and finishing odd jobs

Definitely got that Monday morning feeling today .... I had an early night last night because I felt achey and oh so tired then lay there for ages trying to drop off .... why does that happen??  Still a little bit droopy so I'm taking it easy and have my seat booked for today's Bargain Hunt where a couple of bloggy friends are appearing today.

On Saturday we went to a Christmas Fair at a local school for special needs children .... we go every year as they put on a lovely afternoon and Ellie likes to visit Santa .... this year she was able to write out a card for him and had a photo taken with baby Jack.  The children at the school have been busy making cards, tags and gifts to sell ... just look at these

a hand painted pot with seeds to grow mint all wrapped in Santa cellophane and hand made gift tags

They always have a bric a brac stall so of course I was first in the queue !!  I found a Jack Vettriano print and next to it was another framed picture that would be perfect to frame it in

so after a splash of black paint this is what it looks like now .... all for the total outlay of £1

as I was doing this I thought I would re-frame the old print I bought at auction last month  ... it is by Arthur J Elsley originally painted in 1912 and used in Bovril advertisements between then and 1917 ... it was in a lot with another framed print so again with a little paint it now hangs in my hall  ...

There was a lovely surprise too, this old hand painted sign was on the back of it ... as the print itself dates to circa 1912 and it looked as though it had never been out of the original frame this must have been painted around the same time.


  1. Nice job with the framing - especailly love the old print, and what a find hidden in the back! What a dreary old day - I'm printing out Christmas cards and trying not to put the heating on too early!

  2. Great buys all round, but I think the wonderful bonus was the handpainted sign - I love it! x

  3. What lovely finds - how special to find the advert. And I love the goodies the children made, especially those tags. Hope you got over that Monday morning feeling. x

  4. Super finds! You are organised, wish I could say the same about here ;-)