Sunday, 20 December 2009

Pause in Advent Week 4

What a week it has been.  The weather has caused havoc but has also provided some additional time at home to reflect and think.  We are not a church going family but we do have our values and beliefs passed down through the generations.  I do love to read about everyone else's experiences through blogger and it is fascinating to see how we all have different ways of looking at the world and our lives but we all have a common thread of family and community running through. 

I can't believe that in January it will be one whole year since I discovered this wonderful world of blog  .... the time has really flown by and it has brought some lovely new friends.

I will, as always, use this time to look back on our year which has had it highs and lows.   Two lovely weddings to attend and the birth of another scrumptious grandson.  Then the passing of my sister in law, my husband's operation and the fragility of his employment have weighed against these highs.  Now I will take stock and start planning for the next twelve months ..... I am a firm believer in that you have to make your own luck and not just sit back and wait for things to happen.

So on this final Sunday in Advent I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and send my best wishes and happy blogging for 2010.


  1. It's a great world, Blogland, isn't it? Wishing you and yours all the very best for Christmas and New Year.

    And guess what? WE HAVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O))))))))))))))))))))))))) x

  2. Am another lover of blogland - am so grateful to have found it.

    Wishing you & yours a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year.

    Vicki xxx

  3. Wishing you a Merry christmas too. May you have a wonderful year ahead

  4. I have been blogging a year in January too!!! I started looking last December, then decided to join in. How glad I am that I did!!
    With blogging, and SCC, I have made lots of new friends, participated in quite a few swaps, and giveaways, and even met some in real life!!!! (Remember St Pancras??!!). I love it, and there are some really lovely, kind people out there!
    Wishing you, and your family a great Christmas, and a marvellous New Year!!!

    ((( HUGS )))

    Sharon xxx

  5. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ... it's been a delight to find you and a lovely surprise to find that you live somewhere that used to be very familiar to me. I appreciate so much the "before" and "after" photos you took the time and trouble to take for me.

    I love blogland and the "real" people there ... I've met a couple in real life this year too, including a great lady in Colorado.

    I wish you well in 2010 xxx

  6. Blogland has certainly added another dimension to my life too and lots of new friends. The very best for Christmas and the new year to you. I hope you are enjoying this snowy evening