Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Take it easy

If you haven't got it in already don't worry about it it won't be the end of the world .... I am certainly on a wind down now and if I don't get to the shops tomorrow then so what!  We won't starve ..... I listened to some bloke whingeing on the radio yesterday that his Asda shopping hadn't been delivered .... how does he think the Asda drivers get to work .... they don't have superhuman powers to avoid the snow and dumped vehicles.  When I was a child the whole country shut down for a week and there was none of this 24/7.  I can remember mum having to get enough bread and milk in to see us through ..... those were the days ;-)

It is my last day of having the minded children today until the 4th January .... a well deserved rest I hope you will agree ..... my first child arrives at 8 am and the last one leaves at 6 pm for five days a week and my last week off was in August.  Next week I will have lie-ins till at least 8 o'clock and spend the rest of my day fiddling round in my sanctuary.

This afternoon we are having our Christmas party with lots of games, food, fizz and music and then I will hand the little darlings back to their parents with their Christmas gift bags.  We still have a blanket of snow this morning and it is frozen solid with sleet forecast for this evening ..... looks like the telly and Tia Maria for me tonight ..... Bridget Jones is on and although I've seen it umpteen times before I will watch again and dream of Mr Firth  ...... I would like to think that he is as much a gentleman in real life as he is in the film.

The Spode dinner service that I have been collecting is now out of the cupboard .... I longed for this for years but couldn't afford it when the children were small but I've been collecting it bit by bit (mostly from Ebay) for the past few years.

Time now for some of this and then I'd better get started on the party food for later.

Portmeirion tableware .... they do some lovely gift sets for children too


  1. I hope the party was a success, knowing you I'm sure it was.

    Now take it easy and have a lovely relaxing Christmas and enjoy the snow! :-)

  2. Have a lovely break, Lala!! I'm off work till 4th January too, and enjoying the lie-ins : )
    I'm glad there's someone else who loves watching the Bridget Jones films time & time again!! I adore Colin Firth too, he's a bit moody, smouldering & .......... say no more!!!!
    Love & hugs to you, and your family!!!

    Sharon xx

  3. Gorgeous! I have a friend who firmly believes that this year Mr Firth WILL spring from her Christmas Stocking- but perhaps he'll have descended your chimney instead!

  4. Oh, your Spode looks lovely!
    I agree about the shops - after all they only shut for a day or two! No need to go mad, is there?
    Have a good Christmas!

  5. I hope you have enough wool there to keep you going till the shops open!:) Love all the china - have a great break