Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year everyone

Well there it is all done and dusted for another year .... I've just taken down the tree and everything is back in the loft until next time.  I love the build up to Christmas but always feel tired and stressed on the day itself.  Boxing Day is my favourite day when I can relax.  Always felt the same and don't suppose I will change now.

I thought I would share this with you today .... it is from a book I purchased for the grand total of £1 a couple of years ago in Lyme Regis.  It is a little tatty and forlorn but then so would we all if we were 133 years old.

It is a lovely collection of children's stories and was published by Ward Lock in London in the 1870s  .... this inscription is on the inside cover

What a kind Uncle William he was and I wonder who Dear Little Amy was.

There are stories for each month of the year and this is the one for January

There has been lots of talk on other blogs about plans, targets, resolutions, lists of things to do etc etc

Well my plan is to take each day as it comes and be thankful for that day.  I will not fret about what I haven't achieved and will just concentrate on the things that I can do.  All this list making is useful in its own way but we really run the risk of creating more stress by worrying about it.  An old work friend used to say "if nobody is going to die then it aint worth worrying about"  and I always remind myself of this when I feel the stress levels rising.

On the 24th of this month it will be my 1st blogiversary ..... this time last year I discovered blogland purely by accident and I am so glad that I did .... there are so many lovely people out there and it truly restores your faith in humankind to know this.

To celebrate this nearer the time I will be having a birthday giveaway.


  1. Lovely NY attitude to have!
    Perhaps I should add 'don't stress if I don't achieve them all' on my 40 before 40 list ;)
    Happy New Year lovely
    Beki xxx

  2. Well you know my opinion on that!! I too agree that you need to embrace each day, you never know if it will be your last. So many people tell me that children grow up so fast, so I am smelling the roses.

  3. I quite agree with you!
    Add to that 'nobody ever died wishing they had done more housework'!

  4. Happy New Year Debbie, sounds like you have it "sorted".

  5. A very Happy New Year to you as well - you certainly are thinking in the right direction! Hope to meet up again soon.