Thursday, 21 January 2010

Mummy's Little Soldier

For those of us of a certain age this TV programme will bring back some memories .... it ran on LWT from 1968 to 1972 and I suppose it is not PC enough to be repeated these days.  One of the characters was Frankie Abbott, who thought he was a tough guy but was really a little pussy cat ruled by his over-protective mother.  'Mummy's little soldier' she used to cry and was always wittering on about her fallopian tubes and other ailments to keep her Frankie at home.

Well my little soldier is flying the nest (again!) and leaves us to move to Nottingham on the 1st February.  It was ten years ago when he first flapped his wings and went to work in France on the PGL Activity Holiday Centre in the Ardeche in France.  I remember well our journey down to Dover with him and I felt just like Mrs Abbott at that time and was worried sick about my little soldier.  He looked so young and forlorn sitting in the ferryport waiting for the rest of the group he was travelling with and it was so hard to tear myself away.  I remember blubbing in the car all the way from Dover until we reached the M.1

Since then he has come and gone ..... my boomerang boy .... the last time I thought great I will gain a room but that was short lived .... DD2 had my lovely Ellie and then when they moved out last year old boomerang boy came back again!

Sounds harsh but this time I am definitely going to reclaim the room .... plans and ideas are whizzing round in my head .... I'm going to turn the house upside down this year .... it is in drastic need of a facelift but it will be on a very tight budget.  I have loads of books for inspiration and of course there is blogland too.  I hope to do it most of it by recycling and buying second hand.  If I slack please feel free to give me a boot up the you know where ;-)

And I've got past my Mrs Abbott stage .... I have to accept that my boy is a man and the apron strings have to be cut.


  1. Looking forward to your room makeovers. Hope you'll show us, especially if you are recycling, much more interesting.

  2. I would never have remembered that programme had it not been for this post- but it's all flooding back now. I wonder did it play any part in my eventual choice of profession... It has certainly been a self-fulfilling prophesy, then, given my present establishment! Good luck with your exciting new project!

  3. Look forward to seeing your makeovers!!
    I, too can remember Please Sir too!!! We must be similar ages! They've never repeated it, have they?
    Have a good weekend!


  4. Oooh now Nottingham is not overly far from me - it's where my best friend lives... You must be very proud of him.

    Looking forward to seeing what you get up to with the spare space.


  5. You must be very proud of your lovely son. It's very hard when you're a mum,isn't it?!
    Anyway,I look forward to seeing what you do with your new found space!
    Have a fun weekend
    xxx ;-)

  6. I don't remember that programme - probably coz we weren't in the UK in 72!

    Not sure how I'll feel when my 2 are old enough to leave home - is bad enough if they both go away with the scouts. The silence is deafening :(

    Look forward to the makeover photos.

    Vicki xxx

  7. Good grief! I'd forgotten all about "Please Sir". Now stop blogging and get on with organising that room! Ha! Ha! :O))))

  8. Don't remember that programme but it sounds a bit like Sorry! which had Ronnie Corbett playing Timothy who lived with his mother.
    Look forward to watching your makeover - it's so exciting to have a project!

  9. A spare room! Lucky you ;-) Got to look on the positive side. Looking forward to seeing the makeovers.

  10. Oh, I remember the programme really well. We'd laugh at any old rubbish in those days, eh? There was also a young lad who wasn't too bright and he did an impersonation of a horse by going "Whinny whinny!" Before you said goodbye to your lad, you didn't spit on your hankie and clean his face like Mrs Abbott used to did you?

  11. Never watched it although I remember the title I was a student at this time and the only TV I remember watching was Top of the Pops. And I am sure you will make the most of your spare room even on a tight budget.

  12. I remember that programme (I have the film) Maybe I shouldnt admit to that out loud LOL! Your plans for your house sound exciting.