Monday, 11 January 2010

Baking, blocking and blogging

How do you cheer yourself up on a cold snowy day when confined to the house???? I found myself in this position yesterday and with the able assistance of GD Ellie we had a mammoth baking session.  Following recipes suggested by fellow bloggers and SCC girls we made

Carrot Cake supplied by the lovely Debbie over at Country Heart & Home

another Rocky Road Mountain adapted from the Domestic Goddess Nigella's recipe

Jam Tarts & Butterfly Cakes

After the children had tea this evening there is not much left !!

The next recipe to try is Chocolate Orange Marble cake from Big Red Hearts blog

My girls have been their usual obliging selves and provided some yummy eggs for these recipes despite the weather conditions.

And to finish the day today I have managed to put together my first four blocks for Loft Creations No Strings Challenge

and here they are made from some mini print FQs that I have in my stash .... a whole bag of them acquired for the princely sum of a fiver at a car boot sale last year


  1. What a wonderful day, 3 of my favourite things.
    Can never have enough cake ;), dreaming of the day I can have chickens and my new obsession, string blocks.
    If I lived nearer, just imagine the fun we'd have and not forgetting the serious weight gain 'hehe'.

    Beki xxx

  2. Oh no, not you too on the string blocks!! Oh I need a good baking session too. Yours look wonderful

  3. Strings are definatly the way forward :-) - love chooks, my four are not sure about the snow!. Save a slice of that yummy cake for me please......

  4. Okay, I need to know........ what are "strings" when referred to in quilting blocks? Isn't this just one of the great things about blogging? Getting to learn NEW things? Great carrot cake, wished I lived near enough to pop round for a slice!

  5. Oh my - where do you find the time and energy? Not one cake there I wouldn't munch. I'm no cook I'm afraid, when it comes to baking, my husband said my last attempt at a chocolate sponge came out like a "Smartie".
    Also love the photos of the girls.

  6. Cakes look lovely, yummy! And thanks for the name check! ;-)
    I haven't made jam tarts in years. I might make some as they would be good for the boys packed lunches.
    One thing I was always useless at was Butterfly Cakes but yours have turned out really well - my "wings" always break up when I try to cut them out. :-( Is there a tip to getting them out whole?

  7. Your baking looks fantastic! I adore carrot cake!
    I'm trying to have a good baking session at least once a between crafting, that is!!

  8. Wow, yummy cakes! My hens are still not laying, but I have high hopes they will be soon so I can get baking again - at the monet I mostly bake things that don't need eggs, like flapjack.

  9. Yum - have just finished licking the screen!

    Think my children may be on for a Grandma swap!

    Love Lydia xx

  10. Now come on Lala, that frosting is WAAAAY over the top LOL!

    Lovely warm comforting post though.