Saturday, 9 January 2010

Job done ....

At the beginning of December I took a look round my little sewing sanctuary and decided it was about time I used some of the vintage textiles that I have accummulated.  I scoured my book collection, websites and blogs for inspiration and finally settled on the idea that I could recycle or upcycle quite a lot of them into a quilt.

Today I am proud to present my circle quilt

Apart from the new polyester wadding inside it everything else is vintage.  The white squares were a damask tablecloth in a previous life which had some stains and holes but still some very useable fabric in it.  The circles were from table mats, runners, tray cloths, seat covers ...... some hand embroidered, Sanderson print, vintage oriental bird .... a multitude of colours all complimenting each other.  The border fabric is very old and was a door curtain from a children's home.  The backing fabric in a gorgeous Liberty print called Corsham was a pair of curtains.  The sewing thread came from an old cantilever sewing box acquired last year too.

I can honestly say I have never felt such satisfaction in one of my makes as I have with this one.  Made with love and I hope you will agree that it has given a new lease of life to some wonderful textiles that most people would bin.

Now comes the hard bit ..... it would make a lovely heirloom but not for this family .... I have decided that this one will be for sale but I haven't decided where or for how much yet. 

I hope I have inspired some of you to try something similar and for my next project I have decided to join Loft Creations No Strings Attached challenge.  Go on give it a go .... you know you want to ;-)


  1. that looks lovely, what a talented lady you are!xxx

  2. wow, it's great, well done! It's great recycling fabric isn't it, I've been doing it for ages.
    Josie x

  3. Well I am seriously impressed by this quilt. It is a beauty and so unusual! By the way, I love the Delphonics too!

  4. Just HOW beautiful is that quilt??????? Well done YOU! :O)

  5. I love the quilt. It gorgeous! Thanks so much for putting the link to my giveaway too. Much appreciated. Will put your name in the hat!! x

  6. You are so talented Lala, that is fantastic!

  7. This is such a great idea and what a lovely result lala

  8. Gorgeous. It looks utterly beautiful. Good for you.