Sunday, 11 April 2010

Easter Holidays Week One

Well I promised myself that I was going to make the most of my week off and I certainly have!  It was all made so much easier by having some lovely dry sunny days to give me the get up and go that I thought had got up and gone.  My bedroom has been cleaned from top to bottom and de-cluttered (slightly) and I was collecting such a pile of bits and pieces I decided to take a pitch at my favourite local boot today.  I love this one because it is so well organised, I don't have to get there till ten and it is only £4 per pitch.  I left at two o'clock some £130 richer and have gained a few more square feet of empty space in the house.  What's left is going to the charity shop or on Freecycle

The view from my pitch .... it was slightly cooler today and a little breezy and I feel so much better for getting a lung full of fresh air.  I was very good too and didn't buy too much ..... a large bag of buttons (left on Jack's buggy so I haven't been able to sort thru them yet) ... some lovely first readers for Ellie .... a bubble machine (so handy because I went to Toys R Us on Friday and bought a large bottle of bubble mix and batteries for mine and the damn thing wouldn't work) which has saved me around £15 on buying a brand new one ..... ten wooden coat hangers for just a £1.

I even took along my crochet bag and managed to get a few rows done when the mad rush died down .... I've been working on these this week

The garden is coming to life too with a bit of colour emerging here and there ..... the patio is tidied and an old wooden bench that was no longer safe to sit on is now making a very handy plant pot holder.

The first Camelia flower

I've also been receiving from Freecycle this week .... a carrier bag full with sewing patterns from Prima and ME magazines dating to 1988-1992 .... some of them I remember buying all that time ago .... here are a few snippets which wouldn't look out of place today

My other find was a pile of knitting patterns ..... there are some gems in here

Don't you just love that trike!!

and Sindy ..... what a classy chick!!

Now for a quiet Sunday evening in preparation for the onslaught tomorrow ... I have six little darlings to care for and had better start thinking about how we are to spend the day which starts at 8.00 am with the arrival of the first ones and won't end till around 6.00 pm when the last one goes.  My friends think I am totally mad but I'd much rather be here with them than sitting in a traffic jam and stuffy office all day.

Hope everyone else had a lovely sunny weekend x


  1. I love it when Car Boot Sales don't start too early. As far as I'm concerned anything before 10am is not very civilised, (not even if the sun IS shining!). It usually takes 'til then for the caffeine to kick in. SueXX

  2. Great post Lala! I love the patterns. Glad you had such a productive time and what a beautiful camellia - ours is set to flower soon. I also really like the colour combination in your crochet work.

  3. Sounds like my sort of car boot! Can not do those early starts.
    Love your crochet squares - thanks for the crochet book title, by the way.
    I have the Stitch and Bitch Happy Hooker one which has some lovely patterns in - even a crochet bikini which I will give a miss, I think!

  4. Don't you just LOVE old knitting patterns? :O)))))

  5. What a bootiful day you've had (Ooops - sorry). Where is your late start boot? I'm afraid I never can manage an early start, but would love a rumage!

  6. Well done on the decluttering and car booting success! I'm still 'attempting' to declutter our bedroom in order to decorate. I've chosen the wallpaper ;-)

    Hope today went well.

    When are you free for a meet up?

  7. Now a 10 a.m. start, how civilized and what a successful day! I used to love Prima magazine when you used to get the free sewing pattern and no celebrity nonsense in sight.

    Jak x

  8. I went to the car boot this week in Milton Keynes, actually we only live 5 mins walk away
    so its a favourite haunt. You did really well,
    I have been thinking of having a clearout but you know what its like..I prefer to go and browse.

  9. Hello ,
    just found you via Bekimarie!So glad I did, such beautiful crochet.I recognise some of those patterns, they're still in my loft! I loved Prima in the 80's!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x