Monday, 5 April 2010

Up with the larks

Bank Holiday Monday and I'm wide awake at six o'clock and finally decided I may as well get up .... I had promised myself PJ days till the children return next week ..... I'm still in my PJs so I suppose that can still count can't it??

I've been catching up with some blogs and saw this post on Dancing on a Blade of Grass' blog which reminded me that I have two old director's chairs that belonged to my grandparents.  When they passed in 1996 and the house was cleared the family all had the opportunity to claim something before it all went to the house clearance people.  The two things that had always stuck out in my mind was a cuckoo clock which hung on their best room wall and the chairs that we used to sit it when we had weekends away.  I was extremely lucky and used to spend most summer weekends with them and my cousins at the seaside and also camping at Billing Aquadrome and Cosgrove Park in Northamptonshire.

I've been sorting through my mum's old photo box and found these

There is me sitting on the grass at the front in a very unladylike pose and great grandma sits in one of the chairs on the right ....grandma sits on the left with my brother and faithfull Candy the pomeranian sits by her side.

Great grandma looked like this at age 16
and this with her young family in 1905

Here we all are again with me on the left sitting in one of the chairs and the other is on the right of the shot.  Great grandma's youngest son (my grandad) stands at the back right.  They need recovering which is now on my long list of 'to do'  ..... thank you so much for the reminder Dancing xx


  1. Oooh I'm so glad I stirred such memories for you .... I had seen that 1905 photo as your blog header a while back ... isn't it amazing?

    I love the other photos too ... funnily enough I remember my great grandparents having some stripey directors' chairs ... will have to see if I have a photo of them (You've started something here!)

    Thanks for such a great post xx

  2. What wonderfulold photos - they have reminded me that I promised my sister i would get my family history in to some sort of readable order this holiday.

  3. old photos are just so interesting aren't they?

  4. Aren't the old photo just fantastic.

  5. What a lovely post hun!....brings back happy memories
    I love your photos....there is something so special about old pics I think!
    thanks for sharing it with us hun
    Karen x x x

  6. Dont you love looking back at the old photos the one of your granny in her coat and hat is fab and the one at 16 oh my... I have some of my old family photos displayed too.