Monday, 19 April 2010

Yay my Easter holiday shift is over ... back to normal

whatever that is!!!

Our school had teacher training today so I had three children to look after  ..... tomorrow is back to school day and I can't say I am sorry.  I love them to bits but I am really looking forward to getting some time back for myself during the day and already have the rest of the week planned.  No doubt a spanner will be put in the works now I've said that and it will all go pear shaped. 

We had such a lovely week weatherwise and the garden was taken full advantage of .... it has been such a long winter and I think we were all getting a little stir crazy after being indoors for so long.  Last week we went to the park and visited the museum where they had two exhibitions .... one of local lacemaking and the other called squashy sculptures. 

The house and parkland was once a private house which was purchased by two local councillors in 1904 and generously given to the people of Luton.  It is one of the few green areas left in the town.

Tich and quackers

The colours of these primulas are an inspiration aren't they

This is the first sculpture .... all red and soft with some comfy seating inside
The second is like a giant mollusc and there are special lighting panels inside giving this effect

Car boot season is now in full swing ... me and the Ellie monster went off on Saturday morning to bag some bargains .... turned out she got more than me!  We came home with another Baby Annabel pram and doll (how many does a girl need??)  and from the same lady a lovely Triang 5 way sit in car for Jack which was absolutely pristine together with a ball tent and zillions of balls.

On Sunday morning we went off again, this time Ellie's parents were selling at the boot so she wandered round with me and the pram.  This time it was my turn and I went for quality rather than quantity.

A pair of Ikea Rosali roman blinds, a length of Laura Ashley Summer Palace fabric, a Laura Ashley candlestand, Annabel Karmel cook books, an M & S retro notebook, some pretty gingham hankies and the print was on the stall opposite my daughter .... the more I sat and looked at it the more I liked it .... I think I've finally decided on a pink and green colour scheme for my re-claimed front room (I'm getting there very slowly) so this will be perfect.  Total spend was £21.

Tomorrow morning after I have dropped the children at school I am off to the Watermill to get some dog & chook food and hey ho there just happens to be a bootie there too ;-) 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter x


  1. Gosh when I saw the first pic I thought that was your garden!!

    The sculptures look interesting - nice to have interactive stuff.

    Well done on your bootsale haul :)

  2. Oooh Lala I remember going to that museum when I was a child ... they had a bee hive just inside one of the windows I think.

    Great bargains ... well done.

  3. Wonderful photographs of the park and very envious of your boot sale bargains xx

  4. May give the Watermill a visit tomorrow, but I'll be quite late as I have to drop off Mr T first, he works at the Hospice shop warehouse on Tuesdays. Love the park, haven't been for a while and it's walking distance!!

  5. A good carboot haul - I never seem to do very well. (Perhaps I need to get up earlier!)

  6. Some really good finds!

    It was either make the vege beds, or stay in bed all day, so I made myself make them! LOL

  7. Such a lovely grand house, a love the array of chimneys. I quite envious of your boot fair finds, but the trouble is I seem to live 'in' a boot fair at the moment, must do one myself.

    Jak x