Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Handwriting Game


  1. Debbie, I wish you could see my smile now........ I was looking at photos of my children in their handknitted stuff the other night. There are cats and Robinsons' Gollies and all manner of creations. The handwriting thing was a great idea and I hope it becomes a regular theme. It would be nice, wouldn't it?

  2. Aaah what cuties, well said. You must keep your handwritten piece now for posterity.

  3. Thats Fantastic. What lovely memories and quite nice and legible handwriting too.
    Thanks. I'll put yu on the list and then I can find you again.

  4. I remember making my son hand and machine knitted garments as well. Must look out the photos of them. What a lovely way to record it, you are so right, handwriting seems to be disappearing!

    I've already got a herb garden! ;-)

  5. I love this post Lala.

    What lovely handwriting you have - it's good to see it in print.

    I bought myself a new fountain pen a few weeks ago and this has reminded me that I need to write my second batch of letters!

  6. I was just visiting all the handwriting blogs as i took part too and I LOVE the pics ..I made transformers jumpers for my two boys (circa 1990)first time round for fact I might put it up on my blog too .....i still love my knitting machine