Monday, 10 October 2011

The 2nd Olney Vintage & Handmade Fair

On a chilly Saturday morning we set off for Olney in Buckinghamshire to take part in the 2nd Olney Vintage & Handmade Fair organised by Ann & Trevor .... Ann was sadly absent and I missed our catch up chat especially as she has recently acquired some chooks and was patiently waiting for her first egg.

A lovely mix of sellers including some regulars like Sharon of Shabby Polkadots & Clover Cottage and Wend of Ticking Stripes were there and some new faces too and I'm not sure if they are fellow bloggers too ..... put your hand up and give us a shout if you are please !

Starting time was midday and there was a good queue forming with some peeps trying to sneak in early and once the doors opened it was all go.  Word had obviously spread about the event and there was a wonderful buzz in the room .... it's great to see young and old alike coming to these events and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Deb over at Home Thoughts from Vintage Wants was next to me which did get confusing at times when 'Deb' was called out and we both looked up. Her sister did a magnificent job in the tea room and her cakes are to die for ..... chocolate, coffee, lemon drizzle ...... are you drooling yet???

I've told you previously about my grand entrance to the first ever fair that I did with these lovely people (arriving fashionably late with around 20 mins to set up) and since then I ensure that we arrive in plenty of time to set up and also to have a mooch around at all the lovely stalls before the public come in.  My lovely blocks from Lajoni at Painting New Memories had their maiden outing and took pride of place in the centre of my table.

I was even asked if I was selling them though I have no idea what use they would be to anyone else !

We had a very good day sales wise so treated ourselves .... on the stall opposite sat this

Now who could resist them ?????

I certainly couldn't .... they are Sealyham Terriers by Mabel Gear

When I was googling for some information on her I came across this on a well known auction site and before I knew it I had pressed the bid now button ....

Mr Lala's birthday is in a couple of weeks and as a keeper of canaries and master to a naughty black cocker spaniel by the name of Ruby I thought it would make the perfect present.

She's been to the dog groomer today for a haircut, wash & brush up and now smells divine.


  1. Those doggies...looks like butter wouldn't melt!
    I said someone would want to buy your lovely blocks! Maybe they like the pictures of all your pretty goodies. Mind you, I'm now wondering what other names you could make out of 'llb'!
    Z xx

  2. Sounds like you had a good day, I really wish I had been there although I had a lovely day in leeds. I love your doggie picture. No eggs yet I am afraid and one has turned out to be a he not a she !
    Ann x

  3. Aw ... your dogs look (well in the photo anyway) as if they're really good mates! So spick and span.

    The Fair sounds brilliant and glad to hear you had such a good day sales-wise!

  4. Oh look at those two!! How long did it take you to get them to sit like that? They look so proud of themselves! Love your paintings. Wish I had been at Olney but had booked our Norfolk weekend ages ago. Not long now till Market Harborough though - my first fair - am very excited. Will need to mingle with you pros for tips! Vicky x

  5. They are a right pair of posers and the best of friends too .... OH was a bit dubious about getting the spaniel but I thought they would be brilliant company for each other and they are. They mirror each other when they sit or lie down and share a bed as do our two moggie brothers. Oh Annie fancy finding you have a cock (pardon the expression) ... what are you going to do with him?? Thanks for commenting ladies xx

  6. I'm amazed that your dogs sat still long enough for you to take the photo! Love the paintings you bought.

  7. Love your dogs.....I can't possibly believe Ruby is a naughty spaniel...she looks so angelic!
    Julie x
    Hope you didn't mind me passing your details to Colin.

  8. Great blog! Your dogs are so cute!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Was lovely to meet you & OH again!! Loved your gorgeous blocks & those doggy pics are beautiful!!!

    Sharon xx

  10. Looks like a wonderful day :o) I love your stall name blocks, though like you I do wonder what someone else would have done with them...
    I'd like to welcome you as a follower to my blog, and I love what I've seen here :o) Especially all your delicious blue and white collection. I'll be back!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

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