Saturday, 1 October 2011

Silly Season .....

What is happening with our Seasons ..... do I have my rose tinted specs on again when I say that when I was a girl we had autumn, winter, spring then summer ????  You knew where you were and had clothing to suit but here we are today on the first day of October 2011 and it is a sweltering 27 degrees out there.  The hot flushes that I thought had departed are back with a bloody vengeance and the shorts are back out of the cupboard.  No doubt next week we will have floods or snow .... I am totally confused and am sceptical about all this global warming business that seems to be fashionable at the moment but something must be happening out there.  Heard on the radio yesterday that some areas were testing gritter lorries in readiness for the winter .... wonder if we will need them this year ???

I've been busy this week preparing for the Autumn Fayre at our local primary school tomorrow and I am somewhat nervous as I don't tend to broadcast close to home that I craft .... don't ask me why as I am not usually backward in coming forward !  Small pocket money items have been the order of the day .... hair bands, brooches, key rings, crochet /knitted cakes, PE/shoe bags (sorry forgot to photo) and children's apron/baking sets.

Of course a sunshiney weekend wouldn't be the same without some car boot looting would it???

The two I visited this morning were the busiest I have see them all season

The 1960s crimplene suit (shift dress & coat) is a cracker and was apparently worn once to a wedding ... the label says size 16 but my hips say no so it is now available on Ebay here.

Three pretty Strevens prints of cute children .... an interesting article on the artist here .... I'm not sure if the Audrey Hepburnesque girl with the cigarette holder is one of his too as I can't see a signature but all three were framed in Boots as the original labels are on the back.
The key rings that I made for the Fayre (in first photo collage) are made from the pages of a very tatty old Enid Blyton Noddy book .... I have been wondering what to do with it as it was too tatty to sell but had some lovely illustrations and the empty key ring fobs seemed the perfect thing ... they are double sided with a colour picture on one side and text on the reverse.  To my surprise there at the boot this morning was the very same book in lovely condition with original dust jacket for just 50p ... how spooky is that??

Also found was a lovely 1930s needlecraft book and a wierd and wonderful 1960s/70s toy called the Magic Joy Wheel.

Regular readers of my ramblings will recognise the last photo in the collage .... not a car boot find but one from a well known auction website this week ... yes it is another Lilian Rowles to add to my collection .... isn't it gorgeous !!

Feeding time at the menagerie yesterday with one nosey bird who just had to join in!


  1. I have the very same needlework book in my collection!
    Z xx

  2. I've got a week off in a couple of weeks, it's bound to be snowing!

    Love that little outfit, very cute. Haven't been to a bootsale for ages, if I get up early enough I might pop out before the heats gets unbearable. Lolo x

  3. Lovely makes LaLa. Hope the fayre was successful.

    Madison xxx

  4. and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has to rest the laundry basket on a stool- oh those poor old bones!

    have a good week