Sunday, 16 October 2011

Second hand Rose ......

I have never been a fan of new stuff and I hate modern shopping centres .... you can keep your MK, Westfields and Bluewaters .... yuk in my book!

This loathing began mainly out of necessity as with a family of six of us, a mortgage and me being at home (albeit I have always had PT jobs that fitted in around the children) we had to spend our pennies wisely.  I found that by avoiding such places I wasn't tempted and anyhow it is much more fun bagging a bargain.

Which leads me on to this week's treasure from my online bargain hunting.

First this week was an old wing chair from Freecycle .... it belonged to the lady's gran and has been re-upholstered but I am chomping at the bit to make some loose covers for it .... don't know if I have the balls to strip it completely.

Here on the cover of the latest issue of Country Living magazine is something I may try and I'm thinking blue ticking or perhaps something a little more bizarre in shades of blue

I love this look and I am currently re-covering a couple of old ottomans for my friend using fabric samples in shades of pistachio and raspberry .... the samples are all different textures from satins to brocades to velvet to linen making it very tactile.

Next addition was an old sewing box from Freecycle .... battered and boring brown at the moment but I think some Annie Sloan paint and pretty fabric to replace the lining will give it a new lease of life.

and finally the piece de resistance

I have discovered a site called Preloved .... a great site for secondhand bargains .... I have been hankering for some leather sofas for a while as my two fabric ones have taken a battering over the years and as I childmind new sofas were out of the question.  There was an ad for not one but two Marks & Spencers dark blue leather sofas which was just what I was looking for and I had to rub my eyes as the asking price was just £120 for BOTH of them!   They are £1500 each in the M & S catalogue.

They were only a 20 min drive away so off I went yesterday for an inspection and I couldn't believe my luck .... one is immaculate and the other has a few signs of wear to the cushions but nothing major so I didn't quibble ..... paid my hard earned and arranged for them to be collected late yesterday afternoon.

I hired a carpet cleaner and I've been like a woman possessed this morning sprucing everything up while the weather is still mild enough to have all the windows and doors open to dry it off.

My brain is whirling with ideas for blue & white cushions and throws and as I have been squirrelling away lots of B & W fabric guess what I'll be doing this week ;-)


  1. Absolutely love the sewing box - amazing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. What a fantastic selection of bargains! The sewing box is lovely. I have my grandads' old leather chair, the 'cushy chair', it was where my Christmas presents were put every year. The poor thing is knackered and I keep thinking of trying my hand at some upholstery, but never quite manage it! Inspire me!
    Z xx

  3. Flipping heck Missus what brilliant finds. Love the interior of the sewing stool and can't wait to see what you do with it and the chair.

  4. Those sofas are a bargain - I think leather always looks better with age :)

    Look forward to seeing what you do with the chair and sewing box.

  5. Two leather sofas!! Isn't amazing what people get rid of? The chair looks like a great project, but more than I would want to tackle - I'm sure you'll take it in your stride.

  6. Go bizarre ............. you KNOW you want to! ;O)

    What a bargain the leather settees were, unbelievable that they were not wanted........ I'm with Vicki that leather looks better with age.

  7. You are a jammie sandwich aren't you?! Bargain settees indeed. We need something like that here as ours is on its last legs.

  8. love the sewing table and well done finding those sofas on preloved it a great site to visit full of bargains
    xx fee

  9. Well you have just summed up the phrase one man's junk is another man's treasure!!! I've got a leather sofa from m&s and it has lasted 10 years with 3 dogs and just continues to look better as it ages. Do post the finished chair and sewing box won't you. Nostalgic Vicky xx

  10. They're all great Debs - go for the patchwork cover for the chair. You can always do boring later.
    P xx

  11. Love the sofas and look forward to seeing your cushions etc. xx

  12. Way-hey! Fabulous finds, I love the chair. I'd rather strip and recover than attempt fitted covers, but I'm not a fan of sewing. Have you found Freegle? Same as Freecycle and I bet it's in your area, also Freebay, just Google for the links.
    The sofa's are a briliiant find and price. Looking forward to seeing the chair cover and new cushions for that sofa!
    Now I understand how you found me :o)
    Thank you for your lovely comments on the hedgehog houses, much cheaper to make and more fulfilling too! I love wooden kitchen stuff as you'll see in my next post.
    Have a great week,
    Rose H

  13. I would love a patchwork chair myself but OH is horrified at the idea! I suppose I could make a throw to put over it and whip it off when he goes away for work!

  14. Can't wait to see your patchwork endeavours! Haven't you done well!

  15. Ooh fantastic - that wing chair could look amazing if you have the bravery. I have a piano stool which is still awaiting a makeover, but it's in the loft at the moment as we dumped all the junk up there when the house was on the market. Anyway, it's been usurped by my printers tray which I'm desperate to get started on.

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