Thursday, 6 October 2011

My new header and a big shout out

This morning Mr Postie brought my parcel from Lajoni over at Painting New Memories

Following a swap on another forum where Lajoni had made some beautifully decorated blocks for her swap partner, I immediately fell in love with them and thought that they would make a perfect advertising centrepiece for my table at the fairs that I participate in.  So, I contacted Lajoni and gave her an idea of what I was looking for and these are the result.

Aren't they just perfect ...... on each of the unlettered sides is a picture of my work over the past couple of years .... cute little snapshots of my crochet, cushions, patchwork, bags, Christmas decorations, letter cushions ....

Thank you to one extremely talented lady xxxx


  1. Cor, they're lovely!
    What a clever idea; they'll look great on your stall. Wonder how many customers will want to buy them?!!!
    Z xx

  2. Just the job! They make a great header too.

  3. They are, as someone I know would say, lush! (Or if you are from Bristol that would be gert lush!!!!)

    She's very talented - superb header Lala.

    (Er, and I think you're extremely talented too Mrs)

  4. These are lovely, what a great idea. I love the picture in your previous post of the chicken with the dogs, I only wish my dog was so tolerant ! Have you read 'Chicken Coops For The Soul' ?
    Ann x