Friday, 7 October 2011

Winter drawers on ......

Well what a difference a week makes!

Went off on a little road trip to Hitchin flea market this morning and then onto Hexton and boy was I glad I'd popped back indoors to get my scarf ...... it was a bit taters out there.  Not much on the flea market this morning but they have started to put the Chrissy lights up and there was a new Pound Shop to investigate.

I arrived at Hexton Country Matters just in time for the first fire lighting of the season in the tea room and decided to plop myself in the rocking chair right next to it with a caffeine fix ..... I could have cheerfully nodded off and it was only eleven o'clock.  I'd taken another box of goodies to sell down there and will be taking my Christmas stock next week.

I love that when tea or coffee is ordered you just don't get one measly cup you get a whole caffetiere or pot full served with lovely china.

I have been making some Christmas stockings this week in a vintage style using some lovely tactile fabrics in autumn colours.

Think I am going to curl up with some Christmas pattern books this evening and get some more inspiration.

I will be in Olney tomorrow for the 2nd Vintage & Handmade Fair arranged by Ann & Trevor .... a fantastic friendly event with lots of lovely sellers, bloggers and of course vintage goodies to drool over.

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing x


  1. Coffee, an open fire and a rocking chair..."Perfick!" as Pa Larkin was wont to say! I'm not surprised you could've stayed there. Bliss!
    Have a great day at Olney tomorrow and a nice relaxing Sunday!
    Z xx

  2. I love the stockings! Speaking of "Winter Drawers," have you noticed the general lack of pretty, but big, warm comfy knickers? I shall write to my MP. Have a great weekend! SueXXX

  3. What a comforting post .... Country Matters looks very appealing and your Christmas stockings too - I really like the combination of colours you've used.

    Now, where does the expression "taters" come from?

    Hope your weekend goes well. xx

  4. Taters=Potatoes in the Mould=Cold

    Knew it was Cockney but couldn't think of what the whole phrase would be.

    Off for a cup of Rosie now ...

  5. I like those stocking - very grown up looking :)

  6. Ha ha! My ex always used to use that expression and I love it. It's taters out there!

    Look at that lovely fire - that sounds like my kind of place. I always feel like nodding off in front of the fire.

    Love the new banner and I did notice the blocks on your stall yesterday - they look great!

    Nicki xx

  7. I'll try again - last post didn't work. I'm loving your stockings, and the real fire. Definitely agree it's lovely when they serve the cafetiere!

  8. Love the natural colours of your stockings, ooh err! I am always wanting to nod if I sit down for any length of time these days! Christmas fever is starting to grip me now the weather has turned, am off to Ikea this week to buy their goodies. Have a good week. Lolo x

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