Friday, 8 May 2009

Here come the girls ............

We finally did it ..... after years of procrastinating (on my husband's part I must add - he could dither for England) we have some hens.
May I introduce at the back Miss Hermione (Speckledy), Miss Babs (Silver Nick), Miss Ginger (Goldline) and Miss Dorcas (Maran Cuvree). We visited a local poultry centre and were helped immensely in choosing these lovely ladies .... they are hybrids and will provide us with a plentiful supply of free range eggs and be friends to the small people that visit our home.
They are now installed in their temporary house till we get the proper one finished this weekend together with a lovely long run for them.


  1. Oh wow!! I am soooo envious. What fab names. Lots of omlettes at your house!! xxx PS Glad you enjoyed UB40. I really enjoyed putting songs on my soundtrack - although most of my faves were not available. If you look down the soundtrack list, you get a good idea of my personality!!! (ie very mixed up!!)

  2. YAY! You got chickens! They are lovely creatures, the grandchildren are going to LOVE collecting eggs........xx