Sunday, 3 May 2009


Pause for thought on this lovely Sunny Sunday
I have noticed that some of the younger members of the blogging community, those with a young family mainly, seem to be having a tough time of it lately. Some words of advice from someone who has been there and got the t-shirt .... stop trying to juggle so many balls at the same time because eventually you will drop one. I went through the same thing when my brood were younger, part time working to put food on the table, university to try and catch up on what I thought I had missed out on (turned out not to be true), looking after the children, household chores, helping at school, running the PSA, on the governing body at school etc etc
One day somebody said to me you are always running around ... and I was .... no time to stop to think .... I then decided to take a step back and re-assess all that was going on in my life and came to the conclusion that I had to lose some of the balls before I dropped them. So I gave up the uni, governorship and scaled back on my involvement with the PSA ... there then seemed more hours in a day and life was not so much of a whirl. If I felt like sitting down and doing nothing I did.
Lecture over ladies, I hope you will take time yourselves for a re-assessment of your lives ... have a great Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. Hiya Debbie, I agree completely with what you're saying. When I have little to do lists rolling around in my brain, like "I must do the ironing, I must clean the oven, I must tidy the shed". I challenge myself with the question, "Who says!" Have a great Bank Holiday. SueX

  2. What a lovely post Debbie. I can juggle five balls quite easily though find it harder to juggle my life. We tend to be quite laid back here in the Poppins' household so try not to take on too much, it help that I am a little lazy too ;)

    Enjoy your day :)



  3. Wise words..I wholeheartedly agree!!

  4. Thank you for coming to visit me. that is just so true. I missed so much of my children growing up because I was always involved with the Friends at school (the PTA) either as chair or helping fund raise, I was always busy, has to so this for a commitee. the suddenly when you give up the committees they don't want to go around holding your hand. We all seem to do it the wrong way around. Thank you for your wise words.

    Have a lovely weekend. You find such lovely stuff at boot sales!!