Sunday, 3 May 2009

This weekend's booty

Yesterday we went to our first Saturday morning car boot and I was so surprised to get this lovely jug .... I thought the dealers would have spotted it .... it dates to around 1830 and is called Village Church ... if you take a peek at my header photo you can see a platter I have in this design in the centre of the top shelf ... it is a lovely English country scene of a village church, thatched cottage and two countrymen chatting over a gate. It sat on a pile of cheap old china and I recognised it instantly ... the seller only wanted a pound! Although there is some damage it is still worth around £30/40 but it is staying in my collection and now sits in front of my matching platter (which I also got at a car boot a couple of years ago for the princely sum of a fiver - it's worth around £200)

I also found these two Suffolk Pottery storage jars for onions and garlic, a book on curtain making for doll's houses, a Rowan pattern book and a Quilting Book.

Today I found this lovely Royal Albert Old Country Roses cake stand for £3.00 and a pair of Laura Ashley Charlotte (Sweet Pea) curtains and tie-backs in the cornflower blue/pink colourway. The children did well too with a set of Thomas Tank Engine Books, Brio Thomas The Tank train track set, a Megasketcher, new wellies & crocs. Today's boot was very large but somehow there seemed to be an awful lot of overpriced tat .... nevertheless I am delighted with this week's finds.
On the way home the grandchildren conked out (they were on sleepover with me last night and Ellie decided she was going to get everyone up at 6.15 ... Charlie usually stays in bed till around 8.00)

The view from the car boot, we seem to have bright yellow fields of oilseed rape all around us this year ... so glad I don't suffer with hay fever.


  1. Well done, what fantastic finds!!! Certainly worth going to!
    Let's hope the next one I go to is better than the last!

    Sharon xx

  2. Well done on your lovely finds :)

    I adore the curtains so sweet


  3. Wow, what a fantastic find at the car boot ~ you certainly have a good 'eye' for a bargain! I wish I could find treasures like that (maybe I should get up earlier!)
    Love the photo of your grandchildren, they look so cute when they fall asleep in the car!
    I've just read your previous post too ~ so true, thank you for your wise words...
    Ali x

  4. Well done for finding the blue and white jug an amazing find!
    Love the plate stand as well, bargain!

  5. Well done on your fab finds, love the curtains and cake stand!! Thanks for your comment too, I think it sounded like I was moaning!! But I suppose I sort of hyped it up myself with all the treasures I see on blogs! I will have to give an out of London one a go - I'm sure it would be better! xx

  6. Love that jug, it's a real beaut!!!
    Well done on the booty finds.

    Love and blessings

  7. That royal albert cake stand was a real find. Well done. Have seen them for sale for loads more. Love RA.