Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Uptown girl

As the weather seemed to be holding out for us this morning we decided to have a wander round Harpenden in Hertfordshire ..... a rather posh and expensive town just a short drive away ...... they have a better class of charity shop and also today was preview day at the monthly auction. Nothing really caught my eye but I am regretting not leaving a bid on a couple of items ..... one was a gorgeous vintage Christening Gown in its original box and beside it was another small unassuming box ...... as with all boxes I have to open them coz you just never know what's inside. Inside this one was some tiny pieces of crochet work with some patterns cut out of newspapers which were dated 1912 (the year the Titanic went down) .... the crochet work was somewhat discoloured after all those years but it is the thought that this has been tucked away unfinished in someone's house for almost 100 years that grabs me .... may be I will pop over again tomorrow.
The charity shops didn't yield much today either but I did find this lovely Ladybird book from 1972
There was also a book sale in the Church Hall where I picked up a gorgeous book called Comfortable Country by Enrica Stabile ..... here are a couple of pages just to wet your appetite ...


  1. Oooh you lucky thing finding that book. We never have useful ladybird books in the shops near us.

  2. I love that Ladybird book! I haven't seen the other book though..it looks wonderful;-)

  3. Good luck with the Auction, Hope you're lucky!!
    Love those books, I never read the Ladybird one, when I was little!!

    Happy reading!

    Sharon xx

  4. Well done on finding that lovely LB book, I am not giving up hope that I shall find the infamous crochet one one day :)