Sunday, 10 May 2009

Show off Sunday again .........

It has been a glorious day here in Bedfordshire .... perfect for my favourite pastime (I know how sad) .... there is nothing I like more than wandering round a field in the middle of open English countryside and rummaging around in other people's junk!!!!
Here are today's finds:
A set of cross stitch books, a knitting books and the Knitter's Bible
A fantastic DMC holdall complete with embroidery threads, hoops and cross stitch projects ..... a Laura Ashley light switch cover, a set of table mats & coasters with views of Cornwall, a Debbie Bliss Knitting for Children book and two books about knitting squares for throws and Afghans, a print from one of my favourite artists Jack Vettriano

Molly with her new toy ... she has been very enthusiastic about this as my shin bones will testify !!

Ellie chose this green felt bag for herself (along with several other things that she has taken home with her), a lovely set of Ice Cream Sundae spoons and a collection of red buttons

A hand embroidered table cover


  1. Those finds!!!!! The knitting books and embroidery are treasures. I used to work in a picture framing shop and the Vettrianos were unbelievably popular. x

  2. Great finds love the tablecloth.
    Yvonne x

  3. Fabulous finds - each and every one of them!! I was supposed to be doing a boot sale (selling junk) tomorrow but its been cancelled because of the heavy rain. Hubby just keeps sighing and tripping over it all in the garage!!

  4. Hiya Debbie,
    I think it is a one off, although I would guess there are similar places up and down the country. Maybe a quick google could find one? xx

  5. Hi Debbie, thanks for coming to visit my blog ! I haven't been to a car boot for ages . They have a very big one just near me on a sunday , maybe i shall go again now the weather might be getting better. Notice i said MIGHT!!!! You've picked up some great stuff. x x

  6. Wow good fines, Ellie has good taste that green bag is lovely.
    I never seem to find haberdashery at the bootsales, but still have a few more to go before I give up.
    Louise xx