Friday, 12 February 2010

Anyone for tea and bargains

When I am unable to disappear upstairs to my little sewing sanctuary I always have a  bag of knitting or crochet tucked down by the side of the chair.   Over the past couple of weeks I have been knitting this bobble tea cozy and finally finished it last night.  For my next project I am going to crochet a ripple snuggle blankie in similar shades to this with some pinks thrown in.

After a busy couple of weeks at Lala Towers things have calmed down a little and I am slowly catching up .... the move to Nottingham of number one son has been delayed and he is now off on Monday and I am so frustrated that because it is half term and I will have a house full of small people I won't be able to start my blitz.

I'm planning to make some more strings for Loft Creations 'No Strings' challenge this weekend ... my little pile is growing and it will soon be time to start putting them together to actually make something with them.

I have been a good girl and have followed my 'something in something out' rule.  I took a couple of bags to the charity shop this week and what did I spy on my way out ...

Not one but two pairs of Laura Ashley cornflower & lily of the valley curtains .... one I will keep for my landing window and one I will sell in order to raise the funds to buy some pretty lightshades for the hall and landing.

Later on the same day I went into the smaller CS oppposite the school where I do pick-ups and was thrilled to see these in the odds and sods box

There are twenty four of them altogether .... lovely vintage children's hankies .... all unused and some have still have a little sticker on them saying Irish Cotton.  There are a few with faded colours but most are still quite vibrant.

It's been ages since I've picked up such lovelies and I can't wait now till Easter and the car booties.

Have a good weekend everyone x


  1. Such wonderful finds and I love the colour of the tea cosy. Hope you have a peaceful weekend.
    Jak x

  2. Those hankies are just darling, I think that I might get my boys back into hankies!

  3. Brilliant finds, the hankies are so cute and the curtains are gorgeous
    twiggy x

  4. If I'd been there, I would have grabbed those hankies !

  5. oh I had hankies like that as a little girl :)
    happy memories.

  6. Oh, well done on the finds! I want to get myself some more hankies too. As well as using them, I've seen some quilts made from them recently that I thought were rather good.

  7. Love the hankies, brings back memories.
    The tea cosy is lovely and a great colour too.

    have a great weekend

    Beki xxx

  8. The tea must taste great from under that cosy, and the hankies are a great find.

  9. It's a good job we all don't live close together isn't it? There would have been a "free for all" with those hankies...... :O)

  10. Hi, I'm just popping round to the other members of the 20 minuters to give them the opportunity to join in the Gift draw in our blog shop. It is partly down to the encouragement of MarmaladeRose that I am still really enjoying doing my 20 minutes of crafting every day and this is stocking the shelves in our shop. I hope you will pop over and join in the fun. The draw will be made on Mon 22nd Feb so this is the last week. If you choose to join in Good Luck. :-)
    Many thanks,
    A x

  11. Thanks you for dropping into the shop and adding the link on your blog. Your name is now in the draw. Good luck.
    A x

  12. Love the tea cosy. Say a book recently that had nothing but tea cosies. They really were works of art. I remember the hankies to I has some !. We have so much in common, my daughter and I are avid booters and cant wait till the first one (due in our area around Easter).
    have a good day