Tuesday, 16 February 2010

What's in the bag

I've been tagged by Lissylou to reveal the contents of my bag so this post is going to be soooooo boring

In my handmade by Lalabibaby bag tonight I have:

one purse
one pack of tissues (bless you)
one brolly
one nail file
one emery board
extra strong mints, Polos and a couple of stray Airwaves gums
one pair of warm gloves
bank books
a box with some cufflinks ???? meant to drop them in the CS today
my idiot book won in a lovely blog giveaway last year .... I use it to jot down my ideas (so there's not much in it ;-)
and a little note from Ellie

I dare you to expose the contents of yours xxx


  1. only as borring as mine hun ;)
    love the bag xx

  2. At least a dozen supermarket dockets, a proper hanky, my heart spray, a three year old diary, a pen, shopping lists, two felted hearts, a printer ink cartridge (new), 7 limes, a letter to post (been there a week), two paid bills, my purse, a small change purse, lolly wrappers, a hairbrush, paperclips, crochet hook, yarn labels. Guess I'm tidying out my bag today.
    Don't you just hate it in the stores when they ask to check your bag as you go out. Lord knows what they make of mine.


  3. Not as weird as mine is sometimes Lala LOL

    Love and blessings

  4. cash,cards, diary, comb, phone, inhaler, paracetamol,tissues - I have a tiny handbag, but very often I carry a larger bag too.