Wednesday, 24 February 2010

WOYWW --- dare you reveal yours ???

Today I found some lovely new blogs to follow here at Paula's and here at Julia's .....  today it's time to share WOYWW or What's on your Workdesk Wednesday ...... if you are ready here is my organised chaos corner of the spare bedroom

This was my grand-daughter's bedroom when she lived here with us hence the Disney Princess border (the grands use the bunk beds on the other side of the room when they stayover).  At the moment I have little piles of fabric strings waiting to be put together for Loft Creations 'No Strings Attached' challenge and the large plastic box contains various squares of fabric for later quilting projects.  The M & S biscuit tin is full of buttons and I use old sweetie jars for ribbons etc.  My wool stash is housed in some wooden wine crates.  Underneath the desk are more plastic tubs with some of my fabric stash which I have managed to organise into vintage and colour themed.  The rest of the stash is in an ottoman at the bottom of my bed. 

This little corner was only claimed as my own in October last year and it's so nice to be able to leave the sewing machine in situ instead of lugging it on and off the kitchen table.

Whilst I was sorting some knitting bits and pieces the other day I came across this ....

It is one of the most bizarre things I have ever had to make ..... have you guessed what it is yet ?????

it's a UTERUS of course !

No you didn't misread it ..... it is a knitted uterus ....... my daughter is a midwife and when she was training she had to give a presentation to a parenting class to demonstrate how the baby emerges from the womb, so off I went to search for the pattern (thank heavens for the www).  I've made willy warmers and nipple covers in my time but never thought I would see myself knitting this!!!

What's the strangest thing you have ever made???  Come on share it with
 the class ;-)


  1. You win hands down! Can't beat a uterus! Nice to see someone elses work area.

  2. Nothing can beat a knitted uterus!
    I won't even ask why you knitted nipple covers.

  3. So funny! And I love the 'willie warmers' comment!
    It is lovely that you can knit - and knit strange things, too!
    I love things knit by hand.