Saturday, 6 February 2010

A quick visit

Just a brief post today .... this week has been manic in my house and I am so glad we got through it.  On top of all the usual madness we had the house move of my daughter and family to cope with then Ellie's little op on Thursday (which went very well however we are still waiting for her volume to go down!)  She has been diagnosed with a hearing problem ... apparently we can all start to hear noises at around 20 decibels but for her it reaches 40 in her left ear and 70 in her right.  Which goes a long way to explain why she is so loud and always has to have music and TV turned up so loud we all jump out of our seats.  Fingers crossed that the grommits do the job.

After minding children all week I am on a busman's holiday today and have all three grands staying over tonight .... I spent the morning getting my old bunk beds out of the loft for them but it was a good excuse for a pre-Spring clean and I have Freecycled several things today before I did my usual and stashed them away again.  De-cluttering is the watchword for the next couple of months .... I am a clutterholic and it's got to stop!  Well it's got to decrease at least .... I can't give it up completely .... can I ??

Not much time for crafting this week .... I've got a mountain of strips waiting to be turned into string blocks and another pile of fabric waiting to be stripped.  After todays tidy up in the small room where I've put the bunk beds the crafting corner is much more organised so I am looking forward to spending lots more time in there next week.


  1. I'm also on a de clutter, one of those jobs I wished i'd never started.
    Hope Ellie makes a good recovery, poor little mite.

    Beki xxx

  2. Aha, we think mini may have hearing issues, I have asked for a teat, but the health visitor is not coming back to me

  3. Decluttering in my house is an on-going job throughout the year. It's fun when I'm in the mood for a tidy, but an absolute pain in the **** when I'm not. xx

  4. I need to seriously de-clutter too!
    Trouble is that I have more coming in than I have going out... LOL!

  5. You arebusy! Would you like to pop over and enter my giveaway?

  6. I'm planning a de-clutter in half term - I think the charity shops are going to do well out of it!