Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Half term and up to my ears in pancakes

I'm having a quieter half term this time as some of the children are spending time with their parents.  One of the girls brought her favourite Usborne book on things to make yesterday so out came the paper, scissors, glue etc and we came up with these.  The book used jam jars and on the grounds of good old elf and safety I decided to use plastic cups instead.

Spring must be in the air .... look who I found on the kitchen windowsill today .... I'm not sure if she was having a quiet sleep somewhere in the kitchen or whether she came in through the open window

and of course today is Shrove Tuesday .... pancake day and as per every year I have to make sure that sufficient batter is made for everyone to have a plate full ..... four small people ate five each this afternoon .... they don't even touch the sides and disappear in seconds!  My second bowl of batter is waiting for me now ... I love good old lemon and sugar and cook mine on the griddle so I can do two at a time.

The recipe I use is the same one that I use to make Yorkshire Pudding batter

250g plain flour
300ml water
300ml full milk
6 eggs

mix 4 whole eggs and just the yolks of the other 2 with the flour then gradually add in the water and milk mix ..... give it a good old beating and leave to rest for at least an hour before cooking  ... delicious !

Happy Pancake day everyone x


  1. Yummy - can I come to stay for half-term? Crafting and pancakes, yippee.

  2. Five? F.I.V.E each???? They must have been good pancakes!!!! :O))))))))))))) Must also have been great to watch them being gobbled up.

  3. I want to see whats in your bag!!!



  4. I'm eating pancakes with lemon and sugar right now and it is my current favourite- but I'll have to have two with banana and maple syrup to be fair. And then I'll have to eat the winner! What a beautifully busy day you've had- its own ode to Spring!

  5. We didn't have pancakes - whoops! Never thought to use the griddle pan - what a good idea, must remember that next time I make some.
    I like the children's handmades.