Monday, 22 February 2010

We can always rely on our weather being unreliable!

We have gone from this (Saturday morning)

Mr Arrogance himself .... Zachary Dumbledore Binks sunning himself on the bird shed

to this morning

Scooby and Scrappy Doo alias Molly and Ruby in the snow that was there to greet us this morning .... the chickens weren't very impressed and shot back in the shed!

It is still coming down now and as per usual no gritters had been out and the roads were chaos .... I had parents calling me to say they had abandoned their cars and one was still stuck in a traffic jam at 10 o'clock!

I walked to school with the one child who did turn up ... fortunately it's only a 15 minute walk through a park and today I got to christen these

They are so comfy and very light to walk in and kept the old tootsies warm and dry .... Welliebobs from Joules a very good investment.


  1. I too have welliebobs and adore them. No snow here

  2. We have no snow but so much rain I'm thinking of building an ark. And its sooooo cold!
    I have Joules wellies similar to you welliebobs - blue with chickens.

  3. Couldn't believe the amount of snow I came home to after a visit to the Isle of Wight, thank goodness I did not hear the forecast on Friday of I may not have gone!

  4. We have had lots of snow this winter here in the West Midlands.
    I have lived here for four winters now and the first one I wore a spring coat all through winter. It was that warm.
    Now I need a full-fedged wool winter coat to stand the cold, the ice and the snow, too.
    This one has been particularly long!
    That first year I was here I was amazed to see blooming daffodils on January 31st!
    Where are they now?