Thursday, 8 September 2011

Autumnal colours ....

Well what a difference a week makes!!!  This time last week we were basking in sunshine and today it is dark, gloomy, wet and flipping cold but I am determined that the heating won't be going on in September.  The boiler annual service is booked for the 19th and I am crossing everything that we can get another 12 months from it.

I have been accumulating rather a lot of fabric samples and decided a few weeks ago that it was high time I did something with them.  My first thought was to re-cover the easy chair that was a freecycle acquisition when my husband had his knee replacement two years ago.  He needed an upright chair to be able to sit comfortably and raise his leg but do you know that although it is not very glamorous it is very comfortable to sit in so we kept it.

I made two panels and they have been hanging on the back of my sewing room door and the more I looked at them the more I thought it was far too nice for husband to park his bum on (usually in his work trousers) so I sewed them together and added some more.  The colours are very autumnal in terracottas, brown, beige, burgundy and gold and some lovely textures too including linen, faux suede, embroidered linen, silky satins, soft velours and damask.  What to back it with though???

Keeping on theme with autumn and the rich textures I thought velvet or velour would be perfect and to my amazement when in the charity shop this week there was a panel of gold velvet fabric hanging in the curtain section.  It had obviously been salvaged from a larger curtain but at only £3 I thought I would take a chance on the size of it.

Armed with my new found buddy when layering throws together ....  a can of low stick spray adhesive (recommended by another lovely blogger) ... I started to pair them up this morning and ta da here we have a warm autumn throw which is big enough to cover a single bed or sofa.  All it has cost me is time and the £3 spent in the charity shop .... now I have to decide do I snuggle under it or take it to my next fair .... mmmmm I'll have to think about that one!


  1. Wow, a beautiful throw for only £3! I'd snuggle under it if I were you!

    P.S. The quilt is still being used on Monkeychild's bed :-)

  2. Lovely, just what you need with the weather the last few days! Should keep you snuggly :-)

  3. Beautiful. Well done you.
    ps September`s the new November!

  4. It's TWO years since your hubby had his knee done? Where did that time go???

    What a beautiful throw. I clicked on it to see the fabrics close up and they are gorgeous. Velvet is exactly the right backing for it.