Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wow September what an entrance !!!

Woke up to a beautiful blue sky and a text message to say that the one minded child I had today wasn't coming so that left me and my two grandchildren with the day to ourselves.

Not wanting to waste the day we set off for Woodside Animal Farm which is only a 15 minute drive away

Charlie wasn't bothered about looking at the animals but is a typical boy and loved the tractors and rolling around the soft play area with sister Millie.  We had lunch and then played crazy golf and he went on the bouncy castle and funfair rides too.  The visit was finished with a ride around the farm in a trailer attached to a JCB tractor so he was in his element.

It's not a cheap day out but the littlies love it and there is lots to do in a nice compact area.

It was lovely to spend the day with them and as we walked along with his chubby little hand in mine it reminded me so much of walking with his dad (my second son) some 23 years ago now.  He starts reception class at school next week and he can't wait.

September you have started brilliantly .... perfect weather enabling us to have a perfect day out .... may this continue (pleeeeeeease)

and doggone it look what we came home to ...... the heat must have got to them too ;-)


  1. It was a good day wasn't it?! Oh and I've now included the link in my post.

  2. We had wonderful weather here too. My other half swears that we always get a good first two weeks in September weather/wise. Littlies look gorgeous!

  3. Yes, what a lovely few days we have had!!! Looks as though you all had a lovely time, and your grandchildren are lovely x

    Sharon xx