Friday, 2 September 2011

Well its like waiting for a bus .......

..... you know when you wait ages and then two come along together

Well after blogging about my little collecting passion this week guess what I spied at the flea market this morning ???

 Three gorgeous little cups and saucers in a flow blue marbled effect .... too tiny for backstamps but dating to around 1840/50

 I placed a standard Denby cup & saucer behind them to give you some idea of scale

 and then blow me down on the next stall was this pair in a hand painted tiny sprig design again dating to around 1850/1860 .... apologies for the poor shot but we have been blighted by brilliant sunshine today but I'm not complaining ;-)

We left the flea market and went on to my favourite little Aladdin's cave of treasures at Hexton .... I had some more stock to take down there and I am delighted to say that August was a fabulous month and most of my stock had been sold so it needed replenishing.

Opposite Country Matters is a lovely pub called The Raven and because it was such a beautiful morning we popped in for lunch in their lovely garden.  Who would have thought that we would be sitting basking in the sunshine on this second day of September .  It's so peaceful down there and we'll be popping down again tomorrow as it is the village fete within the grounds of Hexton Manor.  There is also an exhibition by the Bedfordshire Quilters group in the neighbouring village of Barton-le-Clay so I shall be paying that a visit too.

On the collecting front again I have another postcard by Lilian Rowles .... a sweet little birthday postcard dated 14 August 1932

I haven't tracked down the name but the house still exists and can be seen on Google streetview

Well long may this sunshine continue ... have a great weekend xx


  1. It sounds like you have had a lovely day, we did think about getting up and going to the Hitchin Flea market but were too lazy I am afraid. I love your blue an white tea cups they are a lovely shape.
    Ann x

  2. You do find the wonderful and pretty things don't you?! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. You do find some gorgeous bits and pieces!!
    Have a lovely weekend : )


  4. You've gone and done it again!

    Love the birthday wishes from June ....

  5. You're on a roll....keep going!
    Julie x

  6. Thanks ladies .... I'm making the most of the last of the car boots and outdoor events because I know I will soon be suffering from withdrawal symptoms ;-)

  7. Great finds! I love that you looked up the address on the post card never thought of doing that. Thanks for sharing, Laura From Cottage and Broome

  8. You were clearly on a roll that day!! It's the best feeling isn't it? To find several things at once that you must have! :-)

    The postcard is simply beautiful and the marbled cups and saucers are a find and a half!

    Jem xXx

  9. Boo I want a car boot sale near me! What a sweet postcard and lovely cups.

  10. Wow what a find on the antique cups and saucers! You have a great eye x